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05-20-2007, 05:59 PM
A new monster profile (http://www.ddo.com/article/879) is up for our reading enjoyment:

http://ddo.warcry.com/images/display/14435.jpg (http://ddo.warcry.com/images/view/14435)

High on a balcony, above rolling green hills and the meager homes of the village below, Lundiel stood, leaning forward on the stone railing, overlooking the city she so fiercely adored. The sun shone in her long hair as a playful wind whipped it around her face. Her hair was arranged intricately into hundreds of tiny beaded braids, with glowing jewels weaved throughout and loose wispy curls cascading around her face. Her velvet gown was just as intricately woven and was adorned with the same glowing gems.
Lundiel was the highest cleric of the Temple of Boldrei, one of the most powerful deities in the universe, according to ancient tomes. Her work with the temple was that of nurturing and helping those in need.
Today though, she gave a happy sigh, pleased with the life she had built and her position as pseudo-royalty. She enjoyed the work of her faith, and was pleased to be making progress in Boldrei's eyes, all the while assuring her own comfort and image be maintained. She turned from the balcony as her servant Py arrived with a tray of tea which she placed on a nearby table.
"A note arrived for you My Lady." She announced. "It's there on the tray."
"Thank you Py." Lundiel nodded, and with that, Py turned and disappeared back into the Temple. After one final moment of contemplation, Lundiel moved back from the balcony edge, and approached the table. Pouring herself some tea, she noticed a letter, sealed with the symbol of The Dark Six, resting on the tea tray. Nearly dropping her cup, she snatched up the letter and tore open the envelope.
Years ago Lundiel assisted in negotiating a spiritual truce with the Grul, the largest tribe of Orcs in the region. She recognized the seal as Bahggin, King of the Grul Orc tribe. Sitting down, she began to read the request she had always known would someday come. It was written in common tongue.

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