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12-10-2005, 02:51 AM

If I had technical skills of the type required, I'd have made a clip like that. Instead I had barely enough skills to make a fairly extensive website regarding American Staffordshire Terriers. Now, just so you understand - American Staffordshire Terriers are A.K.C. dogs - American Kennel Club. They can also hold duel registration with the U.K.C. - the United Kennel Club and have a registration naming them American Pit Bull Terriers. On the other hand, and American Pit Bull Terrier, registered at birth with the U.K.C., cannot register with the A.K.C. and hold duel registration. We are talking about the same dog breed here.

The breed prejudice that flows soooo extensively throughout this country and many european countries needs to stop. The statistics don't support it.

I couldn't even have had my darling Amstaff in the place I live now. There's german shepards, and labs, and huskies, there's mutts with god knows what in them, but because of breed specific prejudice - I could not have moved in with my dog.

Of course, as I made clear in the member's gallery story of Suki the half-jawed shih tzu, stupid people (me when I threw down the dog treats without thinking) should not have powerful dog breeds. Well, maybe thats why the prejudice is so extensive - they still don't give wisdom tests when you put your money on the table at the breeders. And beyond that one stupid mistake, I was an excellent owner. Ever vigilant, ever in charge, always aware of the added responsiblility my dog's capabilities placed upon me as her owner.