World of Warcraft Still

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So i know alot of my friends are playing SWTOR these days and I admit I have copy of it laying on my computer desk. I just haven't had the courage to install it lol. It took me a couple years to get to the point where i played WoW only casually. I guess it is like a drug. So i stick with the drug i know.

It's funny however. because on my shelf, beside the Star Wars on my desk, i see a copy of Conan Online, Rift, Aion. All unregistered and not installed. It was same when i first went from Ultima Online to Dark Age of Camelot. No i never made a stop in EverQuest. that game at the time was to graphically and memory intense for my computer. by the time I had enough horsepower it was yesterdays game. I was only Opening day of DAOC in 2001 and played through 2004. Loved it! Still play it in fact from time to time. My 50 Necromancer can farm all day long non stop lol. Running my 50 Mini in RvR rocks as well.

I started World of Warcraft in 2005 or so at the urging of a friend to give it a try. The graphics were a little easier on the machine and game play fluid. The quest engine, i daresay the first of it's kind was the absolute best. I immediately fell into the storyline.

My first love and perhaps the greatest was Yserbius and in 2005 I started formulating a plan. If We could not actually play it anymore perhaps there were people who would like to talk about it. thus Yserbius.Org was born.

So here we sit. Think I will go turn on WOW and work on my new Druid I am building. Talk with you in a while guys. Slo


  1. Tater's Avatar
    So i am online playing my Warrior right now... anyone else play wow tonight... oh hi! Tater
  2. Veldare's Avatar
    My current "drug of choice" is Skyrim...but I miss the interaction with other players

    I was going to go the WoW route...but I think there's already a Veldare playing <lol> I haven't a clue what other name to use <roflol> My imagination is fried, I guess