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  1. Bourne

    In Remembrance of Shalimar

    I just re-stumbled upon this place, reading of all our losses, and want to take the opportunity to sadly announce the passing of Eliza, who played Shalimar in the volcano. This may be old news to some as she crossed over in April of 2020. We spent a lot of time in and out of the game, our...
  2. Bourne

    In Honor of Beamer

    RIP Beamer. I remember ya well.
  3. Bourne

    Calling All Yserbians!!!

    Penthouse suite ya calls it now? Why back in my day that's where we housed the trollops and goats and might I add, the goats were much cheaper *wink*. After many tankards ya could nary tell the difference!
  4. Bourne

    Calling All Yserbians!!!

    Still alive.. don't think I'd go away that easily now do ye?
  5. Bourne

    Are you out there?

    Good to see ya as well, although I am nearly 6 years older from when ya first posted. Always was a bit behind on the posting thing and replying.
  6. Bourne

    Whatever happened to...

    Musta scared the 'ell outta him! (Lets out a loud roar of laughter before realizing he forgot what he was laughing at).
  7. Bourne

    I once was lost...

    My, look what the volcano has coughed up... Dust yerselves off and pile your clothes in the yon corner!
  8. Bourne

    Sybil is Back ; )

    *Blinks* What sort of yeast ye been putting in yer brew, Innkeeper?
  9. Bourne

    Whatever happened to...

    (Casually lets a mace drop from his bag) Can ye pick that up for me, Sly? The back you know.. hell getting old. Hell, I say!
  10. Bourne

    How about a Merc Takeover?

    Gath... now there's a blast from the past. Used to love pissing him off... poor boy didn't speak much. I figure he didn't have much else to do than hang at the entrance and challenge people to fights. Wasn't much to PvP in Yserbius.. random hits, most had the same equip and stats in the end...
  11. Bourne

    How about a Merc Takeover?

    I've always found the "I'll kick your ass in a computer game" types most amusing.... Like I care...
  12. Bourne

    Lady Bry, Porter, Sybil Where are you?

    I remember Lady Bry and Porter, as we exchanged a few messages outside the game for awhile... Things just faded away as time tends to do... Good folks!
  13. Bourne

    Whatever happened to...

    I can't say what he played in... my thinking was days old underwear for starters... That must have been a lazy day.. I usually brought my food in live and killed it on the bar or *bonked* the bag it was in.. Sly found me a few years back in Everquest. He was bouncing around servers looking...
  14. Bourne

    Whatever happened to...

    THE Barwench? The whole lot of them strumpets were barwenches, far as I can tell.. but I seen her in the dungeon quite alot, dropping newbies in the pit.. forget how that was done.. and also doing some little trick with the chaos door.. 'twas never a good thing to accept an invite to her party...
  15. Bourne

    In honor of Kit.

    As with many, I had quite a few scenes with the character Kit and wenches such as she surely were partially to blame for Bourne's bald melon... I never did know the creative player behind the character. As with most, I never reached out beyond the screen to get to know them either, but am...