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  1. Dentarg

    I'm Still Here

    I'm still around, myself; I mostly keep track of the progress via Facebook. - D
  2. Dentarg

    Knock the dust off!

    Pretty sure that's Twinion. It can't really be any of the other castles I know of, as they're not nearly as large. - D
  3. Dentarg

    NEW WEBSITE - Here it comes!

    Been a while since I posted, but I got some of the update emails and all about the progress on Yserbius.org's recent changes and it got me pretty excited. I love the featured videos that are starting to stir on Facebook, too; good to know the 'cano is still stirring! - D
  4. Dentarg

    INN Revival: Yserbius News

    INN Revival is currently down, as for why, I do not know. It's been on and off the last few days, I'm hoping it comes back up soon, I'm aiming for Level 40.
  5. Dentarg

    INN Revival: Yserbius News

    Still playing here, already up to level 34 with my Cleric, my Barbarian and Wizard are following suit and should catch up to my Cleric in a few weeks. - D
  6. Dentarg

    Medallions - Anyone know?

    Hi there, I have been curious as to what the Medallions in the game actually do. I have found quite a few Medallions, but I can never find a comparison in stats for them, so I am led to believe they do something else? The Medallions I have found so far: Carnivorous Medallion Vermin Medallion...
  7. Dentarg


    I've been playing on and off as of late, I'm not that high in level, but I will still say hello or something if I see you in the 'cano. - Regi
  8. Dentarg

    Long Time No Post! - (My Re-Introduction)

    Hello there, everyone. Dentarg here, been a member of the forums for quite a few years, but hardly ever really post anything. Still play Yserbius in between looking for a job and working contract jobs here. I've been on INN Revival on and off for the last year or so again, working up my...
  9. Dentarg

    Yserbius Ultima Online anyone?

    Haven't jumped back into any sort of Yserbius or Ultima Online in a long time, but definitely willing to give it a shot. - Burin
  10. Dentarg

    INN Revival: Yserbius News

    I have downloaded and installed INN Revival, and am right now working on a Cleric once again! It feels good to be able to play with everyone again! - Dentarg
  11. Dentarg

    And So I See It Again...

    So everyone knows, I've returned to the community since getting INN Revival working on my computer. Hope to see some of you around if that's where everyone is! I also have invited my family and friends to join the community here, hopefully they'll give it a thought, one of my friends was at...
  12. Dentarg

    And So I See It Again...

    Excellent! That helped get the sound working, I thank you for the assistance! So you all know, I am also an avid RP Story Writer, and I noticed that these forums have an RP Forum, you can expect that I will be posting some stories of my adventures and maybe of some character documentaries I...
  13. Dentarg


    I suppose one of my questions would be at current... Is Yserbius currently offline playable only, or is there a server I am to connect to? If so, I haven't found it on the forums. Just a curious question, still a bit green to the forum, you know. :D - Dentarg PS: Do the games have sound...
  14. Dentarg

    And So I See It Again...

    They have not, if it would be alright, I would like to let them know too of this wonderful discovery of Yserbius again. I'm not sure what their reactions would be, but it'd be nice to see it. - Dentarg
  15. Dentarg

    And So I See It Again...

    Greetings Yserbians, I am known as Dentarg in other lands and for a short time on INN, my father also played Yserbius under the handle of Stavros, Strongsword and Sinlord. My mother played as Sinfyl. It's been a long time since i've ever heard or seen Yserbius or Twinion, and only my mother...