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    And one mean mother fu.... ;)

    And one mean mother fu.... ;)
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    Upon Re-entry the glyphs formed the thought "Welcome"

    *wakes up from a decade's long sleep* Huh..wha....??? *before noticing the individual* Did you read the sign? Swear, the years go by but those damn KOY farts never learn... *realizes it is LC* *promptly wets himself* Yes m'lady! Welcome!! Welcome back!! How can I be of service?
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    INN Revival

    I know some of you were on the revival server until it went down and from the rumors, apparently the person who has the server code is not going to release it, not sure if they're holding out for a monetary gain on the code or what the driver is there. Thought I would link to the google groups...
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    Yeah, nothing here but broken dreams and cockroaches...
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    INN-vasion Reunion?

    Poll is now invalid, since we have passed 12/31/2009 "Would you go to INN-Vasion 200x Reunion?"
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    Rift - Free to Play

    It's missing tavern music
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    Ouch!! 1. To completely fail in online forums. 2. A person fueled by jealousy and rejection 3. To live an empty lonely existence.
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    TSNPeggy / INNPeggy

    Aye, she must have banned me at least 10 times
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    New Yserbius Guild Roster

    I would like to enroll in KOY, I'll take the position of blood ***** please...
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    VitaminF in 2.4?

    Who knew the old thing could actually be worth something..level 32767 here I come :D
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    How about a Merc Takeover?

    Hey, how did you know my age?! Sweet to see T back, you guys see the INN 2.4 that is up and running? er..was running..it seems there are a few security issues with it...heheh..can't run from wamprie :P
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    LordPat returns to SS

    A SoFtie that knows mercs..humm..sounds like a wimp :P
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    Old board theme returning

    What happened to the mana and hp and level stats? :)
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    YS Classic is here!!!

    Bah Slo, you pansy ass, 104, 106, I know you're tougher then that, get up and get that man his login and password! Jeez, such a softie, you would think Slo was a KOY member :twisted:
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    One for the wimmenfolk

    I'm actually at a loss of words..wait no, here it comes :P Boo, Cyren, Boo, I don't like you anymore, Boo! :twisted: