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  1. Geleuvdrudd

    Yserbius 2

    I feel horrible, I have been so busy, I saw the notification in my email and was like omg, I haven't logged in for forever. I hope things are progressing. 2020 was rough for everyone, I do hope everyone is well.
  2. Geleuvdrudd

    NEW WEBSITE - Here it comes!

    Wow, haven't been on the site in a while (hurray life), I like the look of it. Good to see everyone is still around. Excited to hear about Yserbius 2 0.O
  3. Geleuvdrudd

    Warcraft III players

    lol guess noone plays WCIII n e more lol
  4. Geleuvdrudd

    INN Revival: Yserbius News

    TY just downloaded those files and made appropriate changes works and looks just like it did 12 years ago lol ty c y'all in the 'cano ;-p
  5. Geleuvdrudd

    OMG Freakin VISTA

    TY again tiger lol I am indebted to you ;-P works great
  6. Geleuvdrudd

    HEY what happened to the nifty Swords???

    TY again lol I'm sure your sick of "hearing" that but thank you just the same:-P
  7. Geleuvdrudd

    HEY what happened to the nifty Swords???

    My signature now has a bunch of colons ..lol and forward slashes did you guys take out the sword ??
  8. Geleuvdrudd

    Holy Cow Im Back :-p

    Ty Tiger good to be back and it is pronounced gel-uhv-drud :-P gel with a long L and the g like the g in grape not like the gel for ur hair, wich if ur n e thing like wolverine you need alot of lol
  9. Geleuvdrudd

    OMG Freakin VISTA

    TY Tiger lol Vista really irks me, I have a game called Total Annihilation Kingdoms which was made in '96 - '97 and that works fine on Vista, then I have this game called Dungeon Lords made in '06 that is not compatible at all with vista............arrggghhh how can a game that came out...
  10. Geleuvdrudd

    OMG Freakin VISTA

    Hey slo or tiger or n e other site admins navic etc.....:-P do you have patch or a ver of yserbius that is compatible with windows vista??? If it already is then i feel stupid:-( i used the command prompt but the error i get is "this system does not support full screen mode" i can still...
  11. Geleuvdrudd

    Warcraft III players

    Hey does n e one here play WCIII if so lemme know I'm in clan M4D it's a HeroWar clan if your good at HW lemme know if you need a clan :-P I play on US West Name is Kilorien
  12. Geleuvdrudd

    World of Warcraft, server? Faction? Class? Level?

    I dont play WoW n e more but i did i was lvl 31 paladin I just stick to WCIII im in clan M4D name is Kilorien Im pro at Hero Wars ;-P I also been playin Last Chaos It's a free MMORPG you can get it at www.aeriagames.com UMMM SLO if im not supposed to post links lemme know, its been too...
  13. Geleuvdrudd

    Holy Cow Im Back :-p

    Well sorry I've been out of the community for so long lol...now I'm a Noob I've been movin, and havin a baby, well not me persay, but havin to deal with my wife:-P I might as well have lol. Well good to see it up and running. Missed everyone Tiger, Slo, that crazy drunken dwarf ;-P...
  14. Geleuvdrudd

    Heroes v. 24

    OMG I have not been logged in for like 2 months moving and all that. finally got settled :-P N E way I like both but if I had to chose one (which thankfully I don't) it would be Heros
  15. Geleuvdrudd

    Avatar Issues

    I usually consider myself pretty good with computers, but I cannot upload an avatar from my machine. I have followed the parameters on width, length, and on file size, but am still unable to upload my picture. Any comments or ideas would be appreciated.