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    *cheer* *cheer* I am a bit late, but m'lord Blackie did get my vote... I am still breathless. I wonder if he will do it nakid...
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    Who was this?

    My mind fails to recall this, but I was KOY and not POY. Maybe its just me, but I can't believe that neone wood due such a theng. If it did happen, there must have been another force wurking. Yserbi7us was strong, but strong enuff to get two adult pearents to end life with tue little ones...
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    YSUO (Yserbius Ultima Online) in Open Beta

    Woo Hoo! I'm coming, I'm coming!! Errr <cough> to play... um... I was just debating canceling WOW ... so I am really excited :-) :D
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    Hail all and where are you!!

    ah, the Knights of Yserbius... such a fine guild. I was my first... and while it was painful, after a while the pain subsided and I was able to have fun. My funniest memory is when I was playing an alt I think named Ni'eve, and the guild master found me and gave me quiet a tonge lashing. I...
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    Home Sweet Home

    Never has there been, nor will there be, a place more like home than Yserbius to me.... Tis hard to believe it, but yet tis true... I have longed for your warm embrace. Isn't if funny how they have improved so much in the industry, but we still miss her and will eagerly return if the gates...