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    How about a Merc Takeover?

    Yawn. Scum.
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    A life of hiding

    I am sneaking around, and you are not seeing me.
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    Chaos sublimates Harmony

    Kyrandos thrashes around in an abnormally large pool of beer and wine collected on the floor. He appears to be sober.
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    ::kills everyone::

    You all just got owned. PKers rule.
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    Quotes no one does I. Insults sling you.
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    Can't lift our heads, though we try The terrible atrocities we all decry So much weight piled into our skulls we have to wait 'till the static lulls darting to and fro' when the moment's right find hole in wall, out of sight...
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    s'me s'me s'me, fingers scraping 'long the ground path has turned near all way 'round s'me s'me s'me they say in unison Wiping ashes from their lips forever mulling o'er devilish quips s'me, s'me. S'me.
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    This place seems about as evil as a carebear convention the day before christmas. Totally unacceptable. ::begins stabbing::
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    It's making sounds like Dying. Tricksy little earthy ones