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    Fried Tater

    Merry Meet Fried! Where is de Mama? It's been years since I've seen her! Tis Toy Dreidel I be! Actually, I am in conctact with a few of the TOYS in WoW and do indirectly keep in touch with the Mama, but she should be here...shouldn't she be? Love, Toy Dreidel
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    Anyone playing World of Warcraft?

    I'm playing WoW and having lots of fun on the Alliance side. MRA has chapters on Horde and Alliance sides on Dalanar server (I know it begins with a D...LOL)...I play Leahmra and Rogrishmra on Alliance and am LeahTreslok on Horde. I play often <s>, but usually morning-afternoons! Look for me...
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    is there *anyone* else out there that feels this way?

    I have to be the world's worst role player, but I do try! MRA still semi-role plays as it always did. We role play a royal family. Sadly, since Asheron's Call, we haven't done anything with our beautiful ceremonies, and don't even swear newbies in like we once did, except at our rl...
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    YSUO (Yserbius Ultima Online) in Open Beta

    SOS I downloaded both files and had no problem. Registered with EA. Tried to put a user name and password into log in screen and keep getting communications at origin problem message. What am I doing wrong? Love, Leah Empress of MRA
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    Spoof on LOTR DAOC Style

    You're crackin me up, Slo! Which server do you play on? Which land? I haven't been able to play for a few months now...puter problems, but when I do, we're on...Palomides...went blank for a moment! LOL...in Midgard. I'll let you know when I'm playing again! Love, Leah
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    GOT LL Roster '94

    Navic, Greetings! I have lots of MRA Rosters around...hopefully I can find one soon and I'll post it (or them). Love, Leah Empress of MRA
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    LOOKING FOR LOST MRAers & Other Friends

    I'm Leah, Co-Founder of MRA (Mystical Realm of Asgard) and it's Empress, although in the old days of Yserbius I was just Co-Founder and Queen. I am looking for old MRAers, especially, my Co-Founder and first hubby, Hawk. I'm also looking for Crazy Hawk, Aljo, and Justice. Looking for all MRA...