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    Pending Geek Riot

    Wonder if it'll avoid the Zapper.... ;)
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    LoTR (Lord of The Rings) Where are you playing?

    Too funny! I have a friend in that fellowship on that server :) I am playing on Silverlode as different Ards - Ardyth, Ardyel, Ardwyn. I wondered if any of y'all were going to play and knew this would be the best place to figure it out!
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    World of Warcraft, server? Faction? Class? Level?

    Undermine, Alliance as Tanglewood, level 17 Draenai hunter What about LotR Online, anyone planning on playing? If so, perhaps we should start another thread so we can all try to make it onto one server!
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    There are names you will remember in the memberlist :) Run through it, and send out some messages to folks you'd like to make contact with... many of us get email notifications of messages when they arrive and wander back to read 'em!
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    'mina! Good to see yet another familiar face grace the hall here in Misty... Welcome back! The place isn't quite as... active, as it once was, but there are a few of us still knocking around. And where is your lovely daughter, Petal?
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    One for the wimmenfolk

    <the report button shatters into several pieces, springs and gears flying all over the place> Hmmmm... mebbe the TWHOD wasn't the proper weapon....
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    One for the wimmenfolk

    <clicks the report button> :roll:
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    One for the wimmenfolk

    Sounds like business as usual... <grin> Still writing over on that site whose name always eludes me (but that I'd really like to remember)?
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    2.0 Owned You All!

    If memory serves me right, pumping was what we called those fun little exploits that you could hit for experience over and over... The one that I recall was in Twinion in the pump (hence the name?) room. The bastiges fixed those in 2.3 :evil:
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    <peers through the door>

    <in a burst of light, a bottle of Absolut appears on the bar, fresh snow cascading down its sides, accompanied by a mysterious foil wrapped object that smells mysteriously of chocolate, cake and creamy filling>
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    One for the wimmenfolk

    Hmmm... you seem pretty complex, so if we're going opposites... perhaps that is just the shirt for LC <grin> How the heck have ya been, toots?
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    Renaissance Faire Clothing

    Ah, a question after mine own heart... Faires are so much more fun to go to dressed up, more people are willing to play with you! I own the green/black Celtic bodice with the dagger: http://www.pendragoncostumes.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=SFNT&Store_Code=pendragon If you wanna spend...
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    One for the wimmenfolk

    although not for LadyChina, except for her to burn in effigy... :twisted: http://lanebryant.charmingshoppes.com/Shopping/product.aspx?product_id=L9500086&nav=L9
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    Anyone Playing Warcraft III, Diablo, Diablo II, Starcraft???

    I'm playing WoW (mostly Hellscream Alliance), and DAoC (Midgard/Gawaine) but I'll soon have to figure out which of these to give up in favor of.... D&D Online! Anyone else planning on playing this when it's out next month? Would be much fun to play on the same server and quest together! :D
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    Tavern name

    Link! I remember him, he was a funny kid :)