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    Article: Shiloh

    You can view the page at http://yserbius.org/content/132-Shiloh
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    Why's the Bailey's Gone????

    Ok someone better fess up ! Where's my Bottle of the cream????
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    YS 3D

    I was checking out some of the 3d jpg's and God willing I'll be there when its finally ready. I read it will be a few years away though. but I'd like to ask a favor. CAN ya speed it up a little....I'm not getting any younger ;p
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    Not Axel too :cry: He was pain? I thought he was a sweetie : ) May he rest in Heaven and be finding comfort with our Lord. God Bless you Axelrod
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    I bet he's smiling right now Sunny in your tribute to him. He indeed was a real sweetheart. After his memorial service was over we went to his brother Tim and sister-in-law Terry's home. Chris was staying with them in his final days,Tim, his brother came up to me and said Patty, Chris...
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    Hey Hiya's Tiger. How the heck have you been? It's definately been a long time.
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    Ohhhhh I like surprises and treats !! as long as they're good ones hehe
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    FD oh Dear : ( I'm so sad about learning of this here today. She was such a wonderful person, and I also will miss seeing her among everyone here. May you fly with the Angel's Firedancer and shine your light in Heaven
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    Mimosa / Sundawg

    Mimosa/Sundawg What sad news. He indeed will be missed but not forgotten. I'm soo sorry to hear this
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    lol this is great : ) I whooped on THyrmometer personally and won !! ( More then once too !) :P Bet he'd never admit it though :roll:
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    How to pronounce Yserbius?

    I've always pronounced as Y ( like saying the alphabet letter x Y z) Y Serb E Us
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    Well my my my... looky who all I found 8O
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    I lost one of my best friends when he passed. I still think of him all the time. Shiloh ( Chris ) passed away just before Christmas in 96. I miss him dearly. I miss the phone calls when he was at work saying " Can you be ready in 45 we're going to the movies.".I miss him just coming over...
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    Who was this?

    <sigh> I remember this vividly. "Jesse" had sent me a tell but I was inside the canyon hunting and didn't come out. How many times I have wondered,if maybe I had stopped what I was doing, he may have talked about what was bothering him.. or perhaps I could have noticed that something was 'just...