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    How about a Merc Takeover?

    *hand hovers over the Report button for a moment* Oh, hey. Are you sayin you are younger than me?!
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    Are you out there?

    Wow, that is amazing Sombra! Thanks for sharing the happy story with us - what a world we live in, eh?!
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    What was your favorite Tavern?

    I bounced around occasionally out of curiosity, but I generally stalked the tavern at RPI exclusively.
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    Whatever happened to...

    Haha, ahhhh memories. *pretends to trip, fall and smashes Elkhorn's toes with the mace*
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    Whatever happened to...

    2 Years and no further replies!
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    Jacky Boy

    and here I thought you were talking of Jachyra...
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    Feeling Queezy...

    Well, don't be blaming me if your drink tastes funny. It'd certainly be ironic, however.
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    Whatever happened to...

    Bah, old man. Since when do you carry a man-bag around? I recall distinctly you only ever breaking your back over two things. Kegs of ale or a lady. Usually both at the same time. *picks up the mace, nonetheless, hefting it appreciatively* *flashes a big ol grin at Elkhorn's semi-unsuspecting form*
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    Guild Wars players?

    Been playing it since it came out. Pity we didn't cross paths, Shanna! Lyth Hawkmoon is one of the toons you can add to your flist, if you choose. I'll keep an eye out for ya.
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    I'm lookin' fer...

    I remember many Sheelachs - especially the one married to Badgerbane!
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    Greetings :) :)

    Ah, Veldare. I remember you, certainly.
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    Whatever happened to...

    You always had fine timing, dumping your cast-offs on me when I was already preoccupied! Bah! *glances about for a weapon*
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    Whatever happened to...

    I'm still trying to figure that out. I remember you distinctly, however. Drop me a line, anytime.
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    Hail all and Welcome

    Your best bet would be through Katz, who you can reach through Steelcelt or Bloodcelt. I have no idea how long it's been since she heard from her, but she was the last person known to me to have been contacted by Wandreth.
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    Looking for ...

    As always, it's a good thing Bourne hit me on the head. No damage done. *waves to the folks*