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    Are you out there?

    Speaking of a long time having passed.... BMan and I have now been together IRL for 8 years and I don't see that changing for the rest of our lives. Thank you, Yserbius. Couldn't have found myself here today without all of you. <3 {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Deryni, if you see this...
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    In Honor of Beamer

    oh my gosh.. RIP Beamer. We met, we partied, we gamed, what a true loss for the community. *skol*
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    *peeks in n hopes she dun see any nekkid folk*
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    *jumps* huh!? wha??
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    Are you out there?

    I'd just like to say... wow. BMan did finally find me... he actually has moved to the same town u'd find me in.... dang I love all of you fine folks and miss the crazy fun roleplay... <3
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    just checked on emp... then came here... now all I can say is PLEASE stop the auto play music omg wtf? >< grrrrr
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    Greetings :) :)

    !!! VELDARE! {{{ }}} lonnnnng time no see :) 5 :) nice to see you back around the ol' folks home XD
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    Are you out there?

    I spy with my little eye... a new forum member by the name of BardManiac =O
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    World of Warcraft, server? Faction? Class? Level?

    Ice Crown server.. Alliance just started playing again after a year-long break.. believe it or not, for starting midnight the day the game opened, I still don't have anyone at even lvl 50 ;) 47 gnome mage (Trouble) and 9 others lvl 41 and under, varying class/race combos.
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    Concept Art (56K People Beware)

    not like what I ever pictured... but to each his/her own eh? :)
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    A Homecoming of Sorts

    my name list was long but the memory isna too sharp anymore lol your name though... seems familiar to me as well :)
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    Happy May you're all always in my thoughts. ~Somby
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    is there *anyone* else out there that feels this way?

    all roleplay.... in some part.... carries a part of self. for some... that's quite a shame if I do say so myself. I've grown up since those days, I've matured for lack of a better term. I carry myself a lot more confident now and I treat others and myself with a LOT more respect than I ever...
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    is there *anyone* else out there that feels this way?

    humor is a small part of online communities? if you say so. rofl
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    is there *anyone* else out there that feels this way?

    I think that's why I love the internet so much... age is such a small part of so many communities :) Especially with gaming!