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    Yserbius 2

    Hail, Any updates? Forums been quiet the past year or so.
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    What was your favorite Tavern?

    Not 100% sure. Wherever my guild mates were. First was WoD (Warriors of Destruction) then TOY (Templars of Yserbius)
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    Shadow of Yserbius Trivia question.

    ..there was one on Lightning, But can't recall the exact name. I think I was 11 yrs old though
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    What you up to? 12-5-18

    MMORPG on PC and PS4.
  5. StrongOne

    What you up to? 12-5-18

    Final Fantasy 14 at the moment.
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    Knock the dust off!

    Axel-Rod, my dad :)
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    Knock the dust off!

    Ruins of Cawdor
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    Sad news :( I came across this thread when I just tried to install and launch Empirana (still have the login info memorized)
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    Yep, he was a pain in the ass irl too :)
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    Star Citizen anyone?

    I'll give it a shot. Thanks!
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    Star Citizen anyone?

    I watched a few videos on youtube and can't really see the point/plot, granted I had the audio muted at the time. I saw a lot of space travel and some walking around...
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    The Guilds of Yserbius...

    WOD (Warriors Of Destiny) Was this an Yserb guild?? This was Warriors of Destruction in Yserbius. Once the guild collapsed the WOD Princess (Fantasy) created TOY (Templars of Yserbius) The vast majority of WOD members created TOY characters while I recall quite a few transferred over to MRA...
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    Calling All Yserbians!!!

    StrongOne / TOYSmallFry here.
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    ... It's nice to stumble across this thread. Miss my dad =/