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    Tokens have been added to the game, with which you can purchase different items from a vendor stone. Some items have never been seen before. There are two ways to get tokens: 1. Get the free token box from the token vendor stone. If you want a blessed token box from the gold vendor stone next...
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    Houses and Yards

    For Sale Near Luna, a fine yard, house foundation, and garden has been placed for sale. It is a very nice setup. The asking price is 3 million gold. For that price, we will place and decorate to suit you. The only thing you need to do is finish the house. You should check it out and save...
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    Evolution Animals and the Mercenary

    There have been some questions about the kill points required for the evolution animals. Here is the breakdown for the different animals and the mercenary. Fighting chick evolves at 500 CP's. The command to check the points is [cp. The evolution dragon hatchling 6 stages. The final stage is...
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    Houses and Yards

    We are planning on selling land next to your house, to make a harvesting area, or to have a front yard, decorated a bit. We are not able to block any roads or walkways but we will discuss your request for decorations/yards and make a final decision whether or not we are able to do it. This...
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    Event Ideas

    We have some ideas for some upcoming events in YSUO but would like your input in what you would like to do. Please post any event ideas you have here. Thanks ~/ Beramar
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    YSUO Harvesting Announcement

    Harvesting screen Hav Knot, I wish you the best in supporting all your lil ones. I thought you only had 9 kids....... I wanted to post an updated screen shot of the harvesting in action. The crops grow and then you can harvest. The farm hand will also purchase some of the items that are...
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    Shrink System

    You may now purchase shrink items to shrink your pets and free up some of that stable space. Although it has not happend, shrinking your pet may have strange side effects, the worst is that your pet dissappears. Like I said, it hasn't happened. Several players and myself, have shrunk many...
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    Ever want to hire a protector? Now you can. Mercenaries are on sale now in YSUO. They gain skills and evolve into a great companion and skilled protector. Buy yours today!! ~/ Beramar
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    YSUO Harvesting Announcement

    Ever dream of being a farmer? Harvesting your own crops for food, brewing, or just challenge that green thumb of yours? You can make it happen now in YSUO. Planting and tending your crops. Page a staff to discuss your farming land options. We have many other new things in game also. Wax...
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    A tale of woe... -or- Oops I did it again!

    Navic without an ale. That is worse then the character gates taking away your memories. *passes a six pack over*
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    You all are great. I want to thank everyone for voting for YSUO. It's been great. Vote as much as you are able. The vote count resets every week. We have had some good times and I'm sure there are more coming. See you there. ~/ Ber
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    Peerless Mobs

    The Peerless monster bosses and quest givers have been spotted in the realm. Paroxymous, Melisandra, Interrid Monstrous Grizzle, and the Dread Horn. Come on in and join everyone for the quests and fun. Ber
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    What now???

    I was walking the lands today and came across some new creatures. A couple of them had "Guardian" in their name. A Guardian Hiryu and a Guardian Dragon. I would imagine that they may be some tough animals but well worth the fight. There will be an extra reward for the first person who...
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    "Hey! Nice dress!"

    I wouldn't put anything past Axella. She is one vindictive, spiteful, and evil bar wench. Ber
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    YSUO Yserbius Ultima Online Instructions

    I wanted to post the best "fix" if you cannot log on to YSUO. 1. Download ConnectUO from here: http://www.connectuo.com/release/ConnectUO_Latest.rar 2. Extract the files from the rar to your desktop and double click either file to install ConnectUO. 3. Start ConnectUO and select the...
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    YSUO adds

    Since I was around posting, I thought I would point out some of the new things in the game. The latest ML patch opens up some new housing options from the 9th anniversary collection as well as some new decorations. Cryastal and Shadow items. You can view them on the UO.com site. Marble...
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    YSUO and possible Logon problems

    Updated News A new version of Razor and ConnectUO have been updated with various little fixes. Both appear to work fine with the newest patches from OSI/EA in both 2d and 3d - multiple instances of UO running at the same time, etc. ConnectUO is very, very similar to UOGateway so it would be...
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    YSUO and possible Logon problems

    Hail and well met ~/ . If you have updated to the most recent version of UO, you may experience some problems logging in to YSUO using UOGateway. Read on for the fixes :) OSI/EA used a new version number on it's latest 2 patches. This new version number creates some issues with the...