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  1. lordthane

    Status Update,

    I'm sure everyone had their personal vision of Yserbius based on the detailed text in the game. I'm looking forward to seeing this varied and complex landscape brought to life.
  2. lordthane

    Calling All Yserbians!!!

    Lord Thane here. Still married to MungoJerri who I met in the volcano 22 years ago!
  3. lordthane

    Lord Thane seeking members of Illuminati

    Whew, I was almost afraid to mention the guild name because Dan Brown used that in his novel, but what the heck, that was the name of our guild and we even then got a lot of flack about it heehee. Ok, I'm bad with names and haven't thought about TSN for a long time but a few names I remember...
  4. lordthane

    Yserbius Music Sample

    Your original post refers to a "link to the left", but I don't see a link there? Did it dissapear when these boards were moved later?