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  1. Kentrahl


    ~ At the bar sits Kentrahl, eyeing now and again a small furry animal standing on four legs, eating some bartop snacks out of a bowl. Kentrahl strokes his beard, moving, readjusting, and seeming very much uncomfortable. In his eyes there burns a flame of impatience ~ {Kentrahl} "All for...
  2. Kentrahl

    Wizardly Ways

    ~ Being as how the wizard had moved on, reason seems to indicate Tiger would be staring at and talking to a mere phantom image etched into his optical nerves. Alas, Kentrahl would therefore be unable to provide any cryptic worded response for the man to be confounded by.. ~ ~ Perhaps, though...
  3. Kentrahl

    Wizardly Ways

    ~ On the side of the road, a tall man in a weathered dark green robe holding a staff is bent over talking to something... ~ "Indigenous lifeform.. hah! .. pity." ~ He looks up at the sky with head askew, eyes following nothing but currents of air. ~ "Winds of change, friend. Away, away. move...