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  1. Geleuvdrudd

    Yserbius 2

    I feel horrible, I have been so busy, I saw the notification in my email and was like omg, I haven't logged in for forever. I hope things are progressing. 2020 was rough for everyone, I do hope everyone is well.
  2. Geleuvdrudd

    NEW WEBSITE - Here it comes!

    Wow, haven't been on the site in a while (hurray life), I like the look of it. Good to see everyone is still around. Excited to hear about Yserbius 2 0.O
  3. Geleuvdrudd

    Warcraft III players

    lol guess noone plays WCIII n e more lol
  4. Geleuvdrudd

    INN Revival: Yserbius News

    TY just downloaded those files and made appropriate changes works and looks just like it did 12 years ago lol ty c y'all in the 'cano ;-p
  5. Geleuvdrudd

    OMG Freakin VISTA

    TY again tiger lol I am indebted to you ;-P works great
  6. Geleuvdrudd

    HEY what happened to the nifty Swords???

    TY again lol I'm sure your sick of "hearing" that but thank you just the same:-P
  7. Geleuvdrudd

    HEY what happened to the nifty Swords???

    My signature now has a bunch of colons ..lol and forward slashes did you guys take out the sword ??
  8. Geleuvdrudd

    Holy Cow Im Back :-p

    Ty Tiger good to be back and it is pronounced gel-uhv-drud :-P gel with a long L and the g like the g in grape not like the gel for ur hair, wich if ur n e thing like wolverine you need alot of lol
  9. Geleuvdrudd

    OMG Freakin VISTA

    TY Tiger lol Vista really irks me, I have a game called Total Annihilation Kingdoms which was made in '96 - '97 and that works fine on Vista, then I have this game called Dungeon Lords made in '06 that is not compatible at all with vista............arrggghhh how can a game that came out...
  10. Geleuvdrudd

    OMG Freakin VISTA

    Hey slo or tiger or n e other site admins navic etc.....:-P do you have patch or a ver of yserbius that is compatible with windows vista??? If it already is then i feel stupid:-( i used the command prompt but the error i get is "this system does not support full screen mode" i can still...
  11. Geleuvdrudd

    Warcraft III players

    Hey does n e one here play WCIII if so lemme know I'm in clan M4D it's a HeroWar clan if your good at HW lemme know if you need a clan :-P I play on US West Name is Kilorien
  12. Geleuvdrudd

    World of Warcraft, server? Faction? Class? Level?

    I dont play WoW n e more but i did i was lvl 31 paladin I just stick to WCIII im in clan M4D name is Kilorien Im pro at Hero Wars ;-P I also been playin Last Chaos It's a free MMORPG you can get it at www.aeriagames.com UMMM SLO if im not supposed to post links lemme know, its been too...
  13. Geleuvdrudd

    Holy Cow Im Back :-p

    Well sorry I've been out of the community for so long lol...now I'm a Noob I've been movin, and havin a baby, well not me persay, but havin to deal with my wife:-P I might as well have lol. Well good to see it up and running. Missed everyone Tiger, Slo, that crazy drunken dwarf ;-P...
  14. Geleuvdrudd

    Heroes v. 24

    OMG I have not been logged in for like 2 months moving and all that. finally got settled :-P N E way I like both but if I had to chose one (which thankfully I don't) it would be Heros
  15. Geleuvdrudd

    Avatar Issues

    I usually consider myself pretty good with computers, but I cannot upload an avatar from my machine. I have followed the parameters on width, length, and on file size, but am still unable to upload my picture. Any comments or ideas would be appreciated.
  16. Geleuvdrudd

    Anyone Playing Warcraft III, Diablo, Diablo II, Starcraft???

    Sweet! Slo thx for the update....I will be keeping my eye out for it, maybe it hasn't been released in AZ yet, but then again I wasn't really looking for it before Thx again.
  17. Geleuvdrudd

    Hints you could be an unfair DM in D&D, if you've ever h

    Sorry been off line for a while Thx Nyzzrrm for the complement. Please feel free to add more Unfair DM quotes / experiences I'm lovin this
  18. Geleuvdrudd

    Anyone Playing Warcraft III, Diablo, Diablo II, Starcraft???

    Oh and Civ is an awesome game. I think I might need to invest in a copy of it......Last time I played it was Civ II and that was sweet. I'm sure Civ IV has got to be awsome as well 8)
  19. Geleuvdrudd

    Anyone Playing Warcraft III, Diablo, Diablo II, Starcraft???

    Forgive me for sounding ignorant.... but D & D online???? When does it come out, and I would love to play. :D
  20. Geleuvdrudd

    YS Classic is here!!!

    Well I have been into the tavern several times since it was first up a couple months or so ago..... :D :D :D ...... but :( noone is ever in there. I went to it on the night there was supposed to be a "jam in" to see how many peoplke could get in there but noone came...... :!: Aielbeit the...