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  1. Dolnor

    I'm Still Here

    Doctor Livingston, I presume? -) TQQdles™
  2. Dolnor

    Dev Log - What is being Worked on Today?

    Congratulations on your skill upgrade! Your Level 2 Anvil is looking great...can't wait to see what you can forge with that beauty! -) TQQdles™
  3. Dolnor

    Game Engine of choice.

    Once long ago I was involved in a game project called Adellion. They started using a low-cost engine (forget the name) that kept updating to new versions that need to be bought...the devs were constantly playing "porting to the new version!" Eventually the project imploded and disappeared...
  4. Dolnor

    Yserbius file format documentation

    In 2017, he received an Honorary Doctorate Degree: http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/aaa-game-industrys-joseph-ybarra-receive-university-advancing-technology-uat-honorary-2214296.htm He also tried to kickstart a game on Kickstarter but it failed to gain enough donations...
  5. Dolnor

    Yserbius file format documentation

    Have you ever thought of reaching out to Joe Ybarra, the developer of SoY? Just grasping at straws here! -) TQQdles™
  6. Dolnor

    What you up to? 12-5-18

    I'm currently Alpha testing 3 games (no, Star Citizen doesn't count even if they *claim* to be in alpha). New World for Amazon (so far over 400 bugs found and reported but mostly environmental bugs...terrain, textures, boundary holes, etc.), Anthem for EA (can't even log in to their server...
  7. Dolnor

    Midi of Ys Soundtrack

    After messing around, I found an XMplayer that had an XMI to Midi plugin. And I downloaded a General Synth GS soundfont to use. And could play the last two .xmi files...but not the others. I'll have to muck around some more and see if that can be solved. -)
  8. Dolnor

    Midi of Ys Soundtrack

    I think I am confused about the .XMI files. In any case, searching the InterTubes led me to this... Program to covert .XMI files to Source files and Source files to .XMI files. https://sourceforge.net/projects/xmitransform/ TQQdles™
  9. Dolnor

    Midi of Ys Soundtrack

    Another possible idea...check the abandonware sites. Example: https://www.myabandonware.com/game/shadow-of-yserbius-2aw TQQdles™
  10. Dolnor

    Midi of Ys Soundtrack

    Ask Al Lowe...he is selling most of his archived Sierra Online source code/games! TQQdles™
  11. Dolnor

    Audio Nostalgia

    Here is an idea: Al Lowe is selling a lot of his inventory from the Sierra Online days...maybe hit him up? -) TQQdles™
  12. Dolnor

    Audio Nostalgia

    Unfortunately, my Apple ][+ is having issues now for the last 5 months after working properly for 35 years. If I can get it working again, I'll look for my source files for TSN. Many apartment changes in those 35 years so no promises! -) TQQdles™
  13. Dolnor

    NEW WEBSITE - Here it comes!

    Interesting change...looks so modern... I need to decompress...going to listen to some 8-bit music! LOL TQQdles™
  14. Dolnor

    Something Sinister begins to stir.

    MAGIC! And More to Come! -)
  15. Dolnor


    I reached out to her but...her work load is too heavy to take on another project. She'll keep the suggestion open in case something frees up but she doubts that happens for the next year. Sorry, I tried. -*( TQQdles™
  16. Dolnor


    I do know of a person that is becoming proficient in Unity3D but not a member on these boards. She is active on the boards where fans of No Man's Sky were trying to figure out the ARG that was being run prior to the game's NEXT update. I can ask her if she's interested in any possible...
  17. Dolnor

    Yserbius.org privacy policy

    Can I see? Just a little peek. Just ignore me as I peer over your shoulder. You don't have to tell anyone. Let's just keep it as our little secret! -) TQQdles™
  18. Dolnor

    INN Revival

    Just some images for review! -) https://i.imgur.com/1QIpmsL.jpg https://i.imgur.com/gq8D7h8.jpg https://i.imgur.com/YZjgy3U.jpg https://i.imgur.com/L5lTHyI.jpg https://i.imgur.com/ZLrIAuW.jpg https://i.imgur.com/8gagTME.jpg https://i.imgur.com/7XZI2I7.jpg https://i.imgur.com/22EIm1Q.jpg...
  19. Dolnor

    INN Revival

    I belong to the INN Google Group. There used to be sporadic flurries of postings there (I get them via their List-server emails) but for months...nothing. The people who talk about "getting this game started again" go silent after a few months and nothing appears. It is much like another game...