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    How Team One used Unity to spread Holiday Cheer with AR Technology

    Looking to spread joy at the end of what they describe as a “pretty dark” year, Team One created Happy Things, an “augmented reality happiness-maker” app. Read on to find out how they made it with Unity. Team One worked all year to help brands understand and engage customers in a meaningful way...
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    PiXYZ 2018.3 – Delivering on the potential

    We’re excited to share the latest results from our close collaboration with PiXYZ – the release of 2018.3 versions of both the PiXYZ PLUGIN for Unity and PiXYZ STUDIO. While both products offer powerful new capabilities, we’re emphasizing the new Toolbox and Rule Engine capabilities available...
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    ARCore and Unity: A look at 2018 and the road ahead

    Unity and Google are committed to making augmented reality (AR) mainstream. As we continue to work together towards that goal, let’s take a moment to celebrate this year’s advancements and where handheld AR is going in the next 12 months. Throughout 2018, Google and Unity collaborated to expand...
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    Announcing the release of Unity Integrations

    Unity Integrations lets you connect key Unity services to popular productivity and communication tools like Slack, Jira, and Discord. It’s a great way to get instantly notified, for example, when a new user report is submitted through Cloud Diagnostics or a teammate has pushed new changes to...
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    Introducing Unity 2018.3

    Unity 2018.3 introduces improved Prefab workflows, including nesting, as well as enhancements to our Scriptable Render Pipeline, Terrain system and scripting runtime, and a preview of the Visual Effect Graph. Over the years, one of the features we’ve heard you requesting most often has been the...