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  1. palasand

    login server down

    had to relog and when tried to log back in it got to connected than just hung there tried a couple times to log in same says the server is up on the server list
  2. palasand

    couple of buggy things

    first is the sprite collision for the besties where thay can walk through walls and attack from under floors and walls, so when in a molti story building or a cavern it makes it so hard to stay alive when everything in range can attack you when I was doing the assault on fenris...
  3. palasand

    Guild vault

    guild vault first slot almost filled with some nioce stuff ive colected and made for new players to game players to join the guild and to help them out a little . so all we need is some players hehe
  4. palasand

    what !!!

    hmm what in the world is comming to, when a good forum like this is almost a waist land, and ive tried to get some people into comming here and all thay want to do is solo in online games, thinking thay are solo boxed games, when people could gather here and hey my day has been great as I hope...
  5. palasand


    ow i so forgot I had a myspace page for if you want to see the one once played with look for me on myspace its a little old now not been there so long It has a fue pic's of the one infrount of the screen
  6. palasand

    windows 7

    Hi all, was just wondering if any of you have downloaded and are triing windows 7 ultimate free trial ive had it on now for the last 4 months and is a huge step up from vista before this i had the beta version of windows 7, the retal trial ver is way better and stable can go to the microsoft...
  7. palasand

    Rember me ?

    Hi all, Ive been gone so long, was wondering if anyone rembers me hehehe I havent been on the net, in like 18 months or so due to a dispute with my isp and taking them to court and stuff. but hoping will have the net on again soon, just on a friends wirless internet to log in and say hi to every...