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  1. palasand

    My remake of The Shadow of Yserbius is up!

    the game seems stable now maybe all the bugs are found for now good job Zanedubya
  2. palasand

    My remake of The Shadow of Yserbius is up!

    the game seems ok my first time playing it
  3. palasand

    I'm Still Here

    I drop in from time to time guess i'm still around
  4. palasand

    Calling All Yserbians!!!

    Hi everyone I've been playing Diablo 3 for the past few months on the pc and on PlayStation 4 there is a lot of hacked items and stats on the ps4 version but the pc version is hack free
  5. palasand

    Calling All Yserbians!!!

    I'm still around been playing Diablo 3 on the ps4 mostly of late
  6. palasand

    Calling All Yserbians!!!

    Hi everyone I'm still around and kickin been playing diablo 3 mostly now days on the PS4
  7. palasand

    Article: EverQuest Next and EverQuest Landmark

    everquest next looks kind of good a lot of new stuff in it so difrent from the alfa test I was in when the game first came out
  8. palasand

    Instructions to play on UO private server

    im downloading the game for my sister she want to check it out
  9. palasand

    Instructions to play on UO private server

    Yep the game is stable all we need is more players got my blacksmithing up to 90.5
  10. palasand

    Yserbius.Org Back online

    yer Rift is a good game great options and all but it locks my system up after 10 minits play time
  11. palasand

    Rift - Free to Play

    I just had a quik go at rift seems ok but not sure if it is my kind of game
  12. palasand

    Anyone want to play WoW again?

    i mite play again but need to reenstall it ow what ver is the server ive forgoten
  13. palasand

    Article: Game of Thrones - Series Review

    omg season 1 was kickin last show was amazing so cant wait for season 2
  14. palasand


    palasand@hotmail.com palasand should find me on facebook too if ever want to drop me a hi feel free
  15. palasand


    me also it has been good and we have all met some really good people in these halls
  16. palasand

    TSNGemma - StormyYS

    our life's are short for sure, but its the friends we find in these walls that make us last forever, good journey stormy !!
  17. palasand

    login server down

    heheh well I had too when the sever went down only just got up and its 8 30 am here now
  18. palasand

    login server down

    hi sever went down around 2 am server time still not up
  19. palasand

    Need some players!!

    word of mouth would be better the group we have playing at moment are great and fun people and if we can get more people the same to join invite them to the forums
  20. palasand

    Guild vault

    yer I seen looks good too