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  1. ZaneDubya


    I am in awe. That is four times larger than Yserbius, Twinion, and Cawdor combined. What a labor of love.
  2. ZaneDubya

    Random disconnects while in a fight

    I had mentioned the culprit in this post on the in-game forums: https://medievalands.com/forums.php?Are-you-dropping-to-the-login-screen--It-might-be-YsBuffSystem-&a=thread&b=130&t=1562&p=0 I put in some protective code, but it is still happening. More work to do.
  3. ZaneDubya

    Speed running Yserbius.

    How fast do you think you could defeat King Cleowyn's Ghost? Arnakkian? Reach the game's end? To answer this question - and to provide a new way to play games on MedievaLands - I am opening up the Hall of Records to beta testers today! The Hall of Records collects speed running records, and...
  4. ZaneDubya

    I found a bug

    Hey Sir Hensor! Thanks for the heads up. I've just deployed a fix - would you let me know if this is still happening to you? You can also post bug reports on the in-game bulletin boards (in the tavern). Take care, and keep in touch!
  5. ZaneDubya


    Likewise, I'm still here! Thanks for the shout-out Reonis. : ) I so appreciate Slohand and his work to keep this site up as a community archive. My favorite posts here are those regarding recreations of this game, and those about wanting to find that experience of playing on INN again. There's...
  6. ZaneDubya

    How I'm improving the original Yserbius experience in MedievaLands

    Hail all, Twinion took me much longer than I thought it would, but it's finally up and running alongside Yserbius on at https://www.medievalands.com. The two games play side by side on the same server, sharing a single chat room, guild system, bulletin boards. Another huge addition that I...
  7. ZaneDubya

    Everything Okay?

    Welcome back Slohand! I was checking this site everyday. :)
  8. ZaneDubya


    Thanks for your kind words! Like you, I return to my favorite old games for a good play through every few years: Betrayal at Krondor, X-Com, Alien Legacy, and of course the old Sierra Adventure games. Nostalgia is a heck of a drug. :) Prior to MedievaLands I'd also return to Yserbius every few...
  9. ZaneDubya


    Well shoot, that game sounds awesome. I'm sad I never tried it.
  10. ZaneDubya


    I've spent a ton of time getting Yserbius and Twinion running on a modern platform. For all my effort, MedievaLands has just hit 24k played hours after 18 months of uptime. Just 1000 days of player time ... not a lot! And during that period, the game has cost me over $500 in certificates...
  11. ZaneDubya

    First Published Work

    Congrats Tiger! That’s a great accomplishment! Here’s to many more :)
  12. ZaneDubya

    Reviews and other published articles for the original Shadow of Yserbius

    Hail Slohand and all! Hope all is well with everyone. I'm collecting reviews of Shadow of Yserbius from the period when it was released, as well as a number of other published articles from the same period. I've found four reviews from video game magazines, three articles published in...
  13. ZaneDubya

    How I'm improving the original Yserbius experience in MedievaLands

    Hail Slohand and all! Just wanted to drop a note here to let everyone know I've been working on Twinion for a couple of months. Getting very close to the end here. Hope to have something to show off in a month or so. After that, I should have a nice, generic engine that could handle other...
  14. ZaneDubya

    hey hey

    Still working on Twinion. Getting two separate games to work simultaneously on the same client/server combo has proved to a bit of a lift for this hobbyist. Progress is being made. I'm hopeful there will be a release early next year. Empiriana might be too much to ask! I never played that game...
  15. ZaneDubya

    hey hey

    I already have Yserbius working on www.medievalands.com :) The data for Twinion is available on my GitHub repository: https://github.com/ZaneDubya/YserbiusData/tree/master/Twinion This is the data I'm using to rebuilt Twinion. Probably a month or so out, maybe a bit more.
  16. ZaneDubya

    hey hey

    After two months of rest, I'm back working on MedievaLands, the recreation of Yserbius with a few modern quality of life improvements. What exactly am I working on, you ask? Well, I'm trying to make the MedievaLands engine generic so that it can run both Yserbius and Twinion. In an ideal world...
  17. ZaneDubya

    Sue's Solution to Shadow of Yserbius

    This is the solution I used when bug testing MedievaLands. https://github.com/ZaneDubya/YserbiusData/tree/master/Yserbius/Solution
  18. ZaneDubya

    How I'm improving the original Yserbius experience in MedievaLands

    Hey Reonis - I am glad to hear you're enjoying it! Thank you for posting here. :) I'm not sure if I'm going to be doing anything else with this game or the underlying engine. It's presently stable and almost entirely bug free. A few people have asked about Twinion and Cawdor, but I hesitate to...
  19. ZaneDubya

    How I'm improving the original Yserbius experience in MedievaLands

    Hey friends! If you've seen my posts on this forum you know I'm a huge fan of Yserbius and have worked hard to recreate it at https://www.medievalands.com. Now that the original game is more or less completely recreated, I'm starting to think about ways to improve the original Yserbius...
  20. ZaneDubya

    My remake of The Shadow of Yserbius is up!

    Thanks for checking it out! If anyone runs into bugs, please post them here, or if you have a GitHub account, post them at https://github.com/ZaneDubya/CommunityKitPublic/issues.