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  1. BloodCelt

    2009 Update

    Just thought I would pop by and say howdy to everyone. I'm still a dedicated LOTRO player, and having a good time. Hope all old friends and enemies are doing well. Basterni AKA- The Artist formaly known as BloodCelt
  2. BloodCelt

    Lord of the Rings: Online

    Dunno how many folks have tried Turbines new effort to the MMO market, but I was suprised to discover it a few weeks ago. I (and a handful of other Ys Vets) have been having a good time. If you play LotR:online on the Landroval server, send a hello to Quietstorm or Bloodcelt in the PvE side...
  3. BloodCelt

    Pending Geek Riot

    Get your nerd on! Lets see if they get it right. Star Trek Online
  4. BloodCelt


    For those planning on playing Vanguard, the server lists have come out. The Celts and our sister guild Dark Horizon will be playing on the Targonor Server. BC
  5. BloodCelt

    Interesting Study on Spiderwebs and Drugs

    I found this to be a very interesting film study. http://www.break.com/index/effect_of_drugs_and_alcohol_on_spider_webs.html BC
  6. BloodCelt

    Why EQ2 > WoW

    Answer: Ogre Rangers! BC aka The Mighty Thunderflanks
  7. BloodCelt

    Ys Alumni Game Nights

    Now and then me and some of the old Celts (and a lot of the Dark Horizon folks) used to set a game night to play non-mmorpgs and just have some fun. Our old poison was Tribes Tribes 2 and Counter Strike. I was thinking maybe we can have a little fun by reactivating this old practice and add...
  8. BloodCelt

    Holiday Celebrations in games (Img Heavy)

    Dunno whats going on with some of the other MMO's right now, but they added some neat stuff to EQ2 for the holidays. Anyone have screenshots from events in other games? WoW, CoV etc?
  9. BloodCelt

    BC's List

    Okay, I was real good about keeping up with folks for a long long time. Time was, if someone was looking for someone, I was the one who could put them together. This is no longer the case. If anyone knows where or how to contact any of these people, I would appreciate a nod. Kit -...
  10. BloodCelt

    Glad to see...

    Glad to see more folks working to keep the fires burning from the good old days. Games may be slicker, bigger these days, but they just do not have half the class that they once did. Let me know if I have any materials that can help. BC