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    Article: TSNPeggy / INNPeggy

    You can view the page at http://yserbius.org/content/140-TSNPeggy-INNPeggy
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    Article: TSNGemma - StormyYS

    You can view the page at http://yserbius.org/content/139-TSNGemma-StormyYS
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    TSNGemma - StormyYS

    She went by a few other names as well and loved to play Yserbius. Her real life name was Beckie and on 4/20/11 my wife lost her battle in life. We were married 25 years and this has been the hardest thing i have ever had to face in my life. Beckie did not waste her time in this world. She was...
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    Yserbius Down?

    I was playing earlier and all of a sudden it seemed the server shut down and i have not been able to connect since. Could this be an issue on my end?
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    KOY Birth

    Out of curosity I am wondering how many were at the start of it. I know Nymph was there as was Lord Jolan and Aurther, Hakkan and Kit was an early member. It was a core of people that worked well together to develope ideas to build what I deem was an insanely well oiled role playing guild that...
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    Sorry I havent been around much......

    When it rains it pours. For those that remember StormyYS or TSNGemma or something to that nature also know thats been my wife for 20 years. Over the last couple of years her health have not been so good and as of late tested positive 2 times for MS and the first test came back with Lupus as...
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    What game are you romping around in now days?
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    TSNPeggy / INNPeggy

    My wife who was StormyYS and TSNGemma / INN introduced us. Peggy became a member of KOY and was funny, witty and while in body tended to be older than most. Her heart and soul was young. She will be missed by those who had the pleasure to know her.