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    Most disturbing music video ever. Lyrics NSFW. http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1761079/
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    The Most Important Poll Ever!!!

    Vote for your favorite G.I. Joe character. And it better be Sgt. Slaughter. http://www.fhmonline.com/wtf_fhm_poll.asp?cnl_id=8&stn_id=40&idx_id=4223
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    Ninja Turtle done right!

    Ninja mask? Check. Nunchucks? Check. Green paint? Check. Razor? Check. Thong? Check. The complete lack of a self-image? Check. http://www.pandachute.com/videos/a_real_ninja_turtle
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    Best fight scenes EVER!!!

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    Fun from Japan

    I want one of these "Sphere of Annihilation tuxedos". http://www.japanprobe.com/?p=1597
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    The choice is obvious

    (a halfling enters and looks around) "I guess I win my bet. I bet my friend that DRAGON'S COURT was much better than this tavern. I better go collect."
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    You call this a TAVERN?

    (a halfling enters) "Hoo-boy. I've seen goblin outhouses with more appeal than this place. I'm heading over to DRAGON"S COURT where I hear the COOL people hang out. (exits)
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    Totally Unimpressed

    (a halfling enters, he is unremarkable. Any resemblance to another halfling is purely coincidental.) "Boy I heard this place was happening. But it scores a solid 10 on the lame-O-meter." "I'm heading over to THE DRAGON'S COURT for some REAL entertainment." (walks out)
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    Dragon Court open for business

    (whew!) That's the last of those damn red thongs. I still can't believe that Tater left them all over. I just hope I don't need haz-mat placards for the dumpster now. Anyway, the floor is swept, the bar polished, the beverages stocked, the bathrooms have new rolls, the WiFi is working and...
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    Battlestar Galactica

    The new series continues to impress. This week's "No Way! moment.": The Cylons have a high res digital zoom camera. No Way! Bye Bye Baltar. Enjoy your trip through the air-lock. It would be the epitome of poetic justice if the Cylons off Baltar for treachery. Maybe they will mail him back...
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    Settlers of Catan

    Anyone play Settlers of Catan? I know, I know, its not a MMORPG, but its addictive. I found a nifty site to play online against real people for free. http://www.mrbass.org/games/sea3d/ Download the game, get online and play. The interface is very good. Its probably a good idea to know the...
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    Dr. Who

    Since Battlestar Galactica is on hiatus UNTIL JULY, I sat through Sci Fi channels rehash of Dr. Who. I didn't watch the original series, but I know it had (has) a big cult following. How does this verion stack up against the original storyline? I myself thought it a little cheesy. It was...
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    Come one come all. The Dragon Court and everyone's favorite thonged Dwarf, Tater, are hosting a talent show. Try to become the next Yserbian Idol and gain the fame and admiration of millions...er,...thous...er,...a couplefew people. The stage is set.
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    Random thoughts on the passing scene

    I was watching TV the other day when I saw that the Fantastic Four movie is coming to D&D. That got me to thinking back when the FF was a Saturday morning cartoon. But instead of the Human Torch, they had a very annoying robot. I always wondered why they went with a robot. Did they think...
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    Island of DOOM! Part Two

    (to all) Listening to the sound of breaking surf is nice way to fall asleep. You just wish the bed wasn't so hard. And it feels like sand is in the sheets. Surf? Sand? You open your eyes and find yourself on a stretch of beach. Other bodies have washed up as well. From the low snores and...
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    Are you people hiding?

    Okay, so I've gone into the chatroom have a dozen times now at variuos times in the day. Are you people hiding behind the bar or in the bathroom when I come in? I promise that I won't spit when I talk (much). Are there times when people congregate?
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    Island of DOOM!!

    (FOR ALL) You awaken with a blinding headache. The smell of feces, fear, and seaweed make you wish you were still unconsious. In the dim light you see maybe ten total figures sprawled on the floor. From the rocking motion and the smell, you guess you are aboard some kind of ship. You are...
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    Announcement of Game (Island of DOOM!!!!)

    I've decided to bite the bullet and DM a game here. (God help us all.) Anyone wishing to play, whip up a 1st level 3.5 D&D character. Anyone not using a PHB class/race must get DM's permission. PM me your characters stats so I know who you are and what you can do. Don't bother to include...