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  1. Dewm

    INN Revival

    I know some of you were on the revival server until it went down and from the rumors, apparently the person who has the server code is not going to release it, not sure if they're holding out for a monetary gain on the code or what the driver is there. Thought I would link to the google groups...
  2. Dewm

    VitaminF in 2.4?

    Who knew the old thing could actually be worth something..level 32767 here I come :D
  3. Dewm

    2.0 Owned You All!

    All I see is screen shots of 2.3, 2.0 with pumping 0wned all of you, and so did 2.1, that twinion and 2.3 crap, I say we pole this, lets have the classic Yserbius have the walls and monsters look like 2.1 :)
  4. Dewm

    Renaissance Faire Clothing

    Recently my wife, the kids, and I went to the renaissance faire and we've always wanted to wear the clothing, but it was just too much $$$$. Well we finally broke down and bought our daughter a market peasant dress which she loves, and some accessories for it. Now we're all really into it, but...
  5. Dewm

    Sunny Monday Morning

    *Tries to hide his eyes with his hands from the horrible light blazing down from the sun and walks in the tavern* Damn, I remember when this place had so much fog, you never got to see the light of day. *Look around at the empty tavern* Ah typical, damn lazy asses. *picks a human KOY head...
  6. Dewm

    Sword Swamp Where Are you?

  7. Dewm

    Time to start a little project fight

    Ok, ok, so we all have found yserbius.org. Run by the great Slohand. The project here so far is a java based applet, but could run stand along as well. There are two other projects currently out there. FauxINN and The Yserbius Project. Let's take FauxINN first. It's a build of the...