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    Calling All Yserbians!!!

    Alive. Though I'd long ago forgotten my password.
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    Yserbius on wikipedia

    I did put some initial information on Wiki. I was refering to the spelling more than anything. :wink:
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    Yserbius on wikipedia

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    Chaos vs. Harmony

    There is no effect on your stats. There is at least one quest where you have to go through a different door depending on your alignment, but other then that I don't think it makes a difference.
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    "I've got 1,000 years of power!"

    Many tasers are powered by sets of 9v batteries. If the cops were feeling witty they could have responded to his "power of a thousand years" with "nothing stops the coppper top". Sometimes the duracell commercials write themselves.
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    Remaking Yserbius Split Thread!!

    Re: Remaking Yserbius 2 stop posting! we'll just need to split again!
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    "I've got 1,000 years of power!"

    A thousand years of power indeed.
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    Remaking Yserbius Split Thread!!

    Re: Remaking Yserbius 2 I've got OGG Vorbis versions of the music and sound effects from Yserbius. All my code is in C#. I have no problem leading. I might be able to locate a couple other programmers if need be.
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    Remaking Yserbius Split Thread!!

    I'm a System Administrator at the Lawrence Livermore National Labs for their linux super computers, Blue Gene/L, etc.
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    Remaking Yserbius Split Thread!!

    Haven't been scared off yet. Just the natural ebb and flow of work and other exciting time consuming activities. I'll try and take a look at things more closely this weekend.
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    Remaking Yserbius Split Thread!!

    I have no problem with using sourceforge for issue tracking, etc. But I'd prefer to use a subversion server to CVS.
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    Remaking Yserbius Split Thread!!

    So - here's currently where my effort stands. I've got a good bit of C# code devoted to the effort. I have most things outside of the cano working nicely. I've slowed down quite a bit for two reasons. 1. Works been nuts. Super computers are a time sink. 2. I'm not thrilled with the .net...
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    Any Tavernites? ;)

    Nice - even your links page still points to one of my very first homepages. Ah, the good old days. Glad you found your way here ShoeHorn.
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    Anyone playing World of Warcraft?

    I play a bit on Frostwolf. Used to play quiet a bit more, guess I burned myself out on it.
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    New files at XenSoft.com

    Seeing several interested and inquiring minds inspired me to dig up some gems I've had lying around. Here's a quick list of what I added: Yserbius Maps Twinion Maps Twinion Edit cheat TSN Macro cheat INN Install Floppies zipped Twinion Patch for those installing from floppies Twinion FAQ FON...
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    Xensoft site is available

    I didn't mean to upset anyone. Linksys(Cisco) usually makes rock solid products, but for some reason this router has been comparatively flaky. And nothing on my site is getting lost; it's all backed up and can be resurrected in the event of disaster.
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    XENSOFT.COM back online!!!

    Please, say as much as you like. :wink: It's good to be back on-line.