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  1. Sombra


    Happy May you're all always in my thoughts. ~Somby
  2. Sombra

    societyofgamers.com now live

    http://www.societyofgamers.com http://boards.societyofgamers.com
  3. Sombra

    New Fan Sites Soon to Go Live

    I've recently joined up with a team of gamers & business folk who will be launching a new gaming site... our corp. site that explains a little bit about our goals has gone live today... http://corp.societyofgamers.com/ hope we can bring folks some new and interesting news regarding your...
  4. Sombra

    this isn't really 3d graphics or animation...

    but it's definitely art related.... any word on the banner stuff? made 'em a while back and they're still not up? ps, can this forum be renamed graphic design or something? please?
  5. Sombra

    is there *anyone* else out there that feels this way?

    it's been soooo long since I've RPd the way I once did... my life has changed in so many ways since the "good ol' days"... I graduated high school, moved from NY to MD to FL and now I'm in Albuquerque, NM.... I still love to flirt... but seriously only with my husband. I love seeing...
  6. Sombra

    couple new banners fer ya

    not sure if ya can use 'em but eh :) practice will never make perfect but I sure can try.
  7. Sombra

    <smiles to herself>

    <slips in through the front door quietly taking in the sights, sounds, and fragrance of her old home, grabs an ale and without a sound finds her way up into the rafters of the cozy ol' tavern> now... if only it were the dead of winter for some yummy whip cream & marshmallow fights...
  8. Sombra

    Avatar help offering

    If anyone would like an avatar of their previous Ys character feel free to let me know - I can probably set aside some time to do other image manip. work as well if anyone has images they'd like turned into avatars. Only things I ask is that you provide a screenshot and I just don't have the...
  9. Sombra

    Are you out there?

    BardManiac... I was down in the dumps and unable to get into evil way one day... so I took a chance, strolled into a new tavern and lo & behold you were there and have been in my thoughts ever since. I no longer have those hundreds of letters I received from everyone but I have more poetry that...