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  1. Cyren

    Hammocks and Mead

    Home again. Dusty. Again.
  2. Cyren

    Was Gone, Here Now

    Hi folks! So...what's new?
  3. Cyren

    Long Naps

    Bloody hell, what time is it?
  4. Cyren

    Random Words Of Funny Wisdom

    "Everyone has a photographic memory. Some don't have film."
  5. Cyren

    Embrace Ensaneti

    Cyren hums and sets a table, fresh blood, flowers, and some music.
  6. Cyren

    Care Package!

    A Care Package arrives for Lady China. It's wrapped up in pretty bows and bright paper, just gay enough to be really, really annoying. Inside the fluff are a few items for Lady China and a card. There's a leash. It's long, the studs on the collar are facing IN to the neck so that if it's...
  7. Cyren


    *clears her throat and starts over* Ky! Kyrandos! There, that's better. Poor Kylara. She lost her chair while not playing musical nicknames. Cyren
  8. Cyren


    From conversations with some folks on here, looks like some would like to get some roleplay going. If you know how to do this, ignore me :) If you don't: You can create new characters by registering with another email, then come on here and either roleplay anonymously or arrange story lines...
  9. Cyren


    *squints at the Memberlist* Kylara! Ky! Kylara! Oooh! Ooooh! *squints again* That'd better be the Kylara I know. I'd better not start telling...stories right away. *taps her foot and grins* Kylara! Cyren
  10. Cyren

    For Listle

    Listle honey, I know you're sort of on vacation and might not get this in time, but I thought you should know that Arboc is being obnoxious. I don't want to kill your puppy. I know he's dear to you and I hope he has the sense to know how to find indigo and yellow paint. If he doesn't...
  11. Cyren

    Fantasy Check

    Cyren leaves a note tacked to the door, with illustrations. Stick figures, part A, part B, phrased very carefully and for the stupid. "Arboc, You may believe that everyone here is your plaything, but we have different ideas. Your sense of "harmony" is about as consistent as a toddler's...
  12. Cyren

    Cleaning Day

    Cyren looks around Sword Swamp and decides that she's really going to have to do it. The heartbreak, the labor, the horror...the cleaning. Oh well. It's got to be done. She starts to sing songs to herself of the heroes and villains that graced these halls when they were...maybe not cleaner...
  13. Cyren

    You've Got Mail!

    Cyren wanders out to the mailbox of Sword Swamp, looking for news of her friends and family, hugs and kisses from her sworn enemies. She finds this: There's parchment: "We tried contacting you awhile ago about your low interest mortage rate. You have qualified for the lowest rate in...
  14. Cyren

    This one's for Yor!

    Yor, I found this, I remember this day. I now have proof that we came up with the idea before "Shaun of the Dead!" I did laugh just a little bit harder when seeing the movie cause of this. Setting: RPI music fight. Premise: Toss recordings at each other, the winner is the one that can come...
  15. Cyren

    RP Highlights

    /SUN TZU/: So you've read my works, have you? Cyren: Yes, they're very enlightening. S: Have you read the new chapters? C: NEW chapters? (grabbing copy) S: Yes, the ones unearthed at Yueng Su Chan. C: NO! S: Well, would you like me to tell you about them? C: YES! S: Well, the 14th...
  16. Cyren

    Cyren's Kids

    I found this old list of Cyren's kids, I kept track to about the first 100. I'm sure there are more, but this is just a great list of people I had fun with online - if you're on this list...where are you? You never call, you never write! What's a mother to do? RedPhenxII (KKLongShot)...
  17. Cyren

    Notes on Quests

    I just found my old handwritten notes (Care of RedPhoenix, Cyren's first online husband, back when my epithet was RP's Wench and he made an honest (well sorta) woman out of me.) He wrote out all the steps for certain quests to be done and what you get. They're for me, so they're thorough and...
  18. Cyren


    Slohand, THANK YOU! Love this, love this, love this, MWAH! I just loaded up my version of Yserbius and I'm just giggling and spinning in my chair. I LOVE this game. I remember everyone was shocked that my levels were actually REAL (yes, they're real, not surgical). I always knew how to get...
  19. Cyren

    Cyren's Song

    Every few years I do a search and see what turns up. This is fantastic! Anyone who remembers Cyren or my counterparts in Sword Swamp and/or RPI, please, please say hello. This is fantastic to see the names up here. This is a great idea, nostalgia is big business and you have a fan, thanks...