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    Sorry, was off checking FB & other feeds.. just got up a lil bit ago ;)

    Sorry, was off checking FB & other feeds.. just got up a lil bit ago ;)
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    Heyas snowbunny! :D

    Heyas snowbunny! :D
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    *waves* ~~~~~~ \:rolleyes:/

    *waves* ~~~~~~ \:rolleyes:/
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    Anyone want to play WoW again?

    I haven't played WoW for a while now.. currently OCD with SW:TOR :D
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    Aministrative emails December 2007

    Holiday Greetings *blows kisses, some landing more directly than others* ;) Happy Holidays, sweetness :D
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    Administrative Emails September 2007

    Heyas Okies.. your eye candy is here ;-) Now... how can I actually help, other than the lack of news for the newsletter so far? And no, I'm not a programmer any more.. and I was only a mainframe programmer back when I DID do it... only Cobol/Assembly training. Lady Bry
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    anyone know of an items list for yserbius?

    Yeah, his shameless behavior continues to this very day.. past, my donkey ;)
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    New Yserbius Guild Roster

    Koy Blood *****? Blood Hound? Blood Ghost? Blood Whisk? Blood Chips? Blood Trail? ooooo.... I like that one! You are accepted into KOY on a probationary status... don't know you, hafta make sure you have a sense of humor first :D Yer initial title is Blood Smear until I see if you...
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    How about a Merc Takeover?

    Mercs and Yserbius Ya know, KOY is taking over Yserbius lately.... it's all nice and friendly in there ;) Good thing we don't have many Mercs in there causing trouble - Navic causes enough destruction by himself ~/ Oh, and the tavern is almost finished with the rebuilding.
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    Parapets help

    Parapets I may be a goddess but I'm still a blonde! \:D/
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    Parapets help

    Add'l info Okay, too tired last night - forgot another crucial step. When you're on the outside ring, first you "bump" the walls opposite where the other party is. That is.. bump the west wall directly opposite where they are, avoid the walls until you get directly south of them and then bump...
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    Parapets help

    "Follow the purple path through a door that, when gone through, will take you to the Castle Parapets. Here, follow the yellow path to a point marked with a red H on the map. Here, you must have both the Harvest Horn and the Yellow Gem. Face east and use the Yellow Gem, then the Harvest Horn to...
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    New Yserbius Guild Roster

    Koy Haven't seen you in the 'cano, Daven... be happy to put you on the guild list of KOY if you show up - but the first rule of KOY is that you have to actually play Yserbius, not just remember it ;) Second rule is - remember it's just a game Oh yeah, those are the first two rules of The...
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    New Yserbius Guild Roster

    Celts Pale, white, fishbellylike skin... nope, still no proof that he's alive - sounds a bit fishy to me ;-) Until I see a real Celt actually moving around in the 'cano or drinking ale in the tavern, doesn't count. Otherwise you just might be a zombie... 'sides, what good is it to claim a...
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    New Yserbius Guild Roster

    Whippin' Boy Can you believe it? He actually thought that being my whippin' boy meant that HE got to hold the whip???? I finally relented and said that he could have the whip when he's with other people, but when he's with me then the whip is all mine... can't have him gettin' any uppity...
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    New Yserbius Guild Roster

    New Yserbius KOY Roster Application accepted... now we just hafta find a medic to keep you alive so you can be whipped more than once ;)
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    RPI Textfile Dumps - 1994

    Tirwen I remember the name, but I don't remember anything else about her other than that she was a nice gal and a friend. :D
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    RPI Textfile Dumps - 1994

    Past is over, its a new Yserbius Okay, I'm remembering that there was a lot of bickering and pettiness going on and I got fed up with it - but the details and participants have all been totally forgotten. Blackwolf - you can be Overlord of KOY again if you like... I'm the Supreme Goddess so...
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    New Yserbius Guild Roster

    Today a meeting of KOY was held between Shocker and myself, and without any opposition, Shocker was elected Queen of KOY and I was elected Supreme Goddess of KOY. Also, a meeting of The Mercs was held between Shocker and myself, and without any opposition, (Shocker's alt char to be named later)...
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    Ruins of Cawdor

    New strange problem Okay, I started playing RoC and I've done all the guild rooms (though all I did was read the plaques in the Rune Room... however, I don't have a stairway to go upstairs. Looked east of the main doors, nothing. Did detect on the walls, nothing. I hate to ask this because I...