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  1. slohand


    Macros checks in here from time to time, i suggest leaving him a PM here.
  2. slohand

    How I'm improving the original Yserbius experience in MedievaLands

    im liking what you are doing. i have been swamped with work,, hope to get back in the cano ASAP
  3. slohand

    Yserbius Walk-through

    I found a copy of it, give me a couple days to re-upload it
  4. slohand

    Status Update,

    After a few weeks off, i wanted to let everyone know that I will be back working on The game this week. Looking forward to getting back into building some new dungeon levels. its my goal to build every level of the cano into one zone so we can literally walk from the top most to the very bottom...
  5. slohand

    Hey all

    Just dropping a note to let you still around, i have been dealing with personal life stuff, illness, kids etc. be back it soon enough.. battle on all :)
  6. Yserbius - Something sinister begins to stir.

    Yserbius - Something sinister begins to stir.

    Yserbius volcano environment.
  7. slohand


    It’s a new year. Let it be a good one! Slo
  8. slohand

    @Kenm1964 Welcome

    Everyone welcome @Kenm1964 Glas you could join the website. Keep checking good things are coming in 2019!
  9. slohand

    Looking for an advanced Yserbius save file.

    Wish i still have mine, i played on a 386 and a 486 DX long long gone and i never kept the old Hard drives or floppies young and dumb lol
  10. Yserbius - Dungeon Lighting Test

    Yserbius - Dungeon Lighting Test

    Anyone Recognize this particular area? i know it doesnt exactly resemble the old 2d graphics, but it is a 3d Representation of a 2D location from back in the...
  11. slohand

    Merry Christmas

    My one wish is for everyone to have a very wonderful and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This isn't just about the presents and the food, Its about family, about friends,a celebration not only of the birth of Christ, but a celebration of us.Another year is done and now we move into the next...
  12. slohand

    dungeon maps

    Sweet, That's all the images from SOY and FOT. will keep working on ROC. Flipping through them came up with several great ideas for content in YS2 thanks guys for all this.
  13. slohand

    dungeon maps

    did not happen to see these laying in the files? what you have is amazing. it will help me create some similiar events,.
  14. slohand

    Midi of Ys Soundtrack

    when you guys were stripping the code of assets, did you guys notice the dungeon maps for all three games? if so did you get them? i am looking to create dungeon levels that approximate the maps of the three games. thanks for replying when you have time.. Happy Holidays.
  15. slohand

    dungeon maps

    Does anyone still have Shadows of Yserbius Map images? i have been pouring through my old PC looking for my set, used to have them for all three games and am at a loss for where they are. if anyone has maps from all three games i would be grateful if you could share them with me. thanks Slohand
  16. slohand

    It's Friday before a long weekend!

    Hello, I want to wish all my Yserbius family a Happy Holiday Season and wish you safe travels if your doing so, a warm fire in the hearth if not, and a healthy joyous family gathering filled with many laughs, and lots of hugs. For those of you overseas defending our freedoms over the course of...
  17. Yserbius - 33 minutes in 30 seconds Day Night Shadows

    Yserbius - 33 minutes in 30 seconds Day Night Shadows

    Not meant to be pretty with all the music, i just wanted to shrink 33 minutes of video down to 33 seconds to demonstrate, day, night, cycles, shadows etc.
  18. slohand

    Welcome LennyD to the forums

    Good to see new blood on the website. Ready for YS2 in 19? Everyone welcome LennyD
  19. slohand

    What was your favorite Tavern?

    So back in the day, what was the tavern of choice for you guys. Was it Roleplay? Dragon? Witches? Or?? Post your favorite below and let us know. Members who reply in forum here to this thread will receive a custom title to their profile. Let’s hear your fave? If it is one we don’t list here...
  20. slohand

    I'm Still Here

    Lol. Ok it’s taken care of. Welcome back