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A Homecoming of Sorts


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<strolls through the tavern door, ignoring the dust that's settled over everything... with only a few footprints to betray that fact that anyone has been there recently>

Well... it's certainly strange to find myself back in this neck of the woods.

If anyone recalls this name, go ahead and post... I'll put up a list of my own soon.

At the moment, I'm late for a Molten Core raid in WoW... the life of a hardcore raider certainly is different than whiling away the hours in the old tavern ;)

TTFN... <crooked grin>


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While I don't recognize the name, welcome home non-the-less. Make yourself at home in your home tavern and feel free wonder the posts.

Hail and well met my friend.


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I remember you from RPI circa 1994. Welcome back. My life has become too busy for gaming but I check in here from time to time.



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my name list was long but the memory isna too sharp anymore lol

your name though... seems familiar to me as well :)


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LTNS, Dry!

Another name from the past :) The last time I saw you was "in the MUD," so to speak :) How are things going? Still down south? I was so sorry to hear about FeeDee; she was unique among us all :)