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A sad day in Yserbius


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Navic enters the tavern after a long journey in the 'cano. A frown forms on his face as he inspects the blanket of dust and cobwebs that have over-run the once lively place. His weapon and gear drop to the wooden floor with an echoing thud. The place is cold, the fireplace void of color and warmth.
"Ma'tches, tin'der, spark!"
The fireplace is resurrected with life and shadows are born from its light. Navic is startled by movement behind him and whirls to meet it.
"Slo, Tiger?"
Only dancing shadows greet him. With a sigh he moves behind the large oak bar that he and Arboc restored for Listle many years ago.
"What's the chances there still be ale in these kegs...?
He gingerly places his hand on the ale tap as if not to scare it. Then slides a glass in to position as he has a thousand times before. After a silent prayer to the Ale Gawds he pulls the tap. Nothing. Then a gurgle. Then out pours the nectar of the Gawds. Sweet, sweet Dwarven Ale!
"Boy that sure sounds good aye Shoey 'ol boy!?" Navic realizes his mistake but still looks up expecting ShoeHorn to be sitting in his regular seat. He then pours a round and places then in front of his old friend's favorite stools.
"Don't worry Slo, this one's on Tiger! Drink up Shoey! Hey Siddy, play something on the jukebox bud! Tig, bust out the pretzels! Here's to good times!" Navic downs his mug and pours a few more.
"What's that Slo a round on you?"
With a full tray of ales he walks around the tavern dropping them off at empty tables.
"Lady China, Cyren and Vena! You're all looking lovely tonight! Hey now, watch that whip ladies!"
"Hey Bones long time no see! Did you lose weight? How's the crew doing? Maybe after the stage is clear you can grace us with some jokes?"
After all the glasses are gone but one, he stops before the stage and is struck by how shiny the brass pole still is compared to the rest of the tavern. The house that Tater built. Yeah, Tater, AKA: The Short non-descript Dwarf that wore a red thong and shaked his money maker til the break of dawn.
"I'll miss ya bro! I'll miss you all! Til we met again!" Navic makes short work of his ale and places his mug on the empty stage. He gathers his weapon and gear and takes a last look around.
"Til we met again" he whispers and heads out the door.


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Navic: He gingerly places his hand on the ale tap as if not to scare it.

An yee're ales e'er ascairt a ye, tis time ta be switchin to a stronger poison ;)

(Velvet slips out with a faint flare of her cloak)