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A tale of woe... -or- Oops I did it again!


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Now we all know poor Navic’s fearless (read: stupid)… some examples; he married Axella in a shotgun wedding, listened to Slo and had his head severed by a guillotine, took up Haze’s challenge to say porn on the YSOUnet… well yesterday Nav added to the list… he recalls his tale…

I found myself wondering around Brit looking for one last pub before retiring home to Axella. As chance would have it, I found a portal by the bank… one I’ve never seen before. I chose to investigate this portal cuz anything that keeps me from going home to that wretched bitc… err… broad… is heaven sent. I found myself whisked away and plopped down in front of a lovely manor called Crawdor something or another *hic*. I enter said manor hoping it might contain a lil pub… gate traveling makes me parched you know. My eyes have seen many beautiful things… the birth of my son Navvy Jr., Haze’s cellar full with kegs of ale, Haze’s old ladies tata’s… ahh anyways… I wasn’t prepared for the sight before me. This place housed every rare magical item in the realm… the whole place ebbed of magic and power… the painted scenes on the portraits moved... it must’ve been a light source for other planets! And not a damn pint of ale to be had! So I sashay up the stairs and behold magical gates along the walls. I was as giddy as the beggar Hav Knot finding a half eaten bologna sandwich in the trash, so I run thru one to see what other wonders I may find. POOF! I forgot how to tame animals… POOF! What are spells? POOF! I couldn’t whistle a tune POOF! I forgot how to bait a hook <sniff>. Down to the ground into the fetal position I go… whimpering like Haze without his Teddy Bear. Between sobs I ask for help but find myself all alone… just me lying in the Lighthouse of the Heavens… without a bloody ale… I cry myself to sleep.

I don’t reckon how long I slept but was awakened by a couple of kicks to the body and head… “Beggar Hav Knot, you can’t sleep here”. “Ahoy Hav get your arse home… hey it’s Navic!” I open my eye’s to discover Ber and Viddy looking down at me. “What happened to you?” “Axella toss you out again!” So I recount my sad tale. After much laughter and rolling on the floor, my two pals helped me remember the skills I once knew… and a couple of encounters I wished to forget… now pass me a bloody ale!


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That is an excellent telling of your tales Navic. I wipe tears away at your loss and then rejoice over your good health. One question, how much ale did you spill as you thrashed around like a little baby? :)