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Anyone playing games that aren't MMORPG's?


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With what time on the PC I have, I like Jedi Academy, and plan to get Civilization IV and Star Wars Battlefront 2 (hopefully much better than the first one) with the week. What do you all like to play besides WoW?


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There are games other than MMORPGs? Ah ha! That explains all those colorful boxes in the PC Gaming section at Best Buy that keep me from easily finding the latest EQ expansion . . .

Ahem. :) I still enjoy playing the freebie Freecell that comes with Windows. Rumor has it that all 32000 or so games available in that version can be won, so I set out on a 'quest'. A while back when I was a wee burned out on EQ I took a break and started at Windows Freecell game 1 and played every one until I won. I got to number 132. :D

I was playing Sims 2 for a while. I enjoy the Civilization series. I was a big fan of Sim City 2000. Once in a while my wife and I will go 'low tech' and break out the Yahtzee or Monopoly boxes.


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I spend some time playing the various Battlefield series of games (didnt get into BF2 too much) Warhammer40k Dawn of War, various incarnations of Civ, Age of Empires/Myth/Kings and the Rise of Nations games.

Also the standards like Halflife 1 and 2, though mainly in Singleplayer mode. I bought doom and pretty much thought it was crap. I'm looking forward to StarWars Battlefront II, I was on the stress test but never could get it to load up for me.


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WHEN I get a chance, I like.. Painkiller, Half Life 2, Far Cry, F.E.A.R., Lego Star Wars (believe me, that game is not just fun for kids!).. hmm can't think of anymore right now. But those ones are still waiting to be completed.


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Heh never heard of toontown, I've always wanted to try Lego Star Wars, and I just bought Civ IV this afternoon -- very nice game. I am not so good with strategy games, especially ones like these with so many options and possibilities. I'm up for multiplayer if anyone else is, though :)


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hmmmm toontown.com

in a nutshell -

play a rabbit, dog, cat, monkey, etc type char

run around defeating "monsters" called cogs (robot lawyer/accountant types) by throwing pies at them, squirting them with water flowers, etc 8)


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Aye, ToonTown Online is a great game. I played it before Cog Headquarters was open. Great fun to be had by all.

You can see who I was in the http://www.znet.com/~motocruser/noldor_faces.htm link

They have added so much more content since I played there. When I win the lottery, I plan to head back to that old stomping ground!

Currently, for some unknown reason, I am playing Bejeweled 2 again. This is when I need *NOT* to think. LOL


aka Noldor


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Never played a civ before until this past weekend. Hubby decided to go out & buy a copy & we played all damn weekend lol


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Before I became addicted to GW I played a lot of shooters. UT, and BF mostly. Ran a very busy UT server for a few years but the interest has died down from a lot of my players. Still enjoy a good fight now and then tho :p


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I've been playing this interesting game called Road Rage. Usually the game starts in the evening on my ride home from work. Sometimes other travelers will pick-up a game when ya least expect it. Heck, the other day a few of us started playing in Wal-Mart’s parking lot.
I'm not too keen on all the rules yet. But by the looks of it your good until your vehicle is immobilized. Ya get 1 point for each time you’re honked at. 2 points for the finger. 3 points if you pass someone on the berm.
I think this one fella the other night got 10 points for a successful break-check. The woman behind him was on a cell so he BC'd her and she got rear-ended.
During snow and rain conditions all points are doubled.
Oh I almost forgot, you lose points for... getting pulled over by the police... getting a dent (that's poor bumper usage if this happens)... chicken'g out and turning on your hazards to avoid contact... and my favorite, picking on someone driving an electric car. That's silly!

If any of ya's know additional rules please share.

Well, I'm 'bout to go play... take care, drive safe and keep it between the ditches!

:/ Jeep Creep :/


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Navic said:
If any of ya's know additional rules please share.
Anyone who plays the game with a friend from New York or LA, divide their points by 10. :p

/I stalled on the LIE once, it was quite loud.
//I must have made, like 60 points in less than a minute!


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I just started playing Indigo Prophecy, which is an adventure game. WHAT FUN! I can totally relate to the game, I have no idea HOW, but there you have it. Such innnnnnnteresting stuffs and suchs.

"Oh my, you are an innnnnnteresting monster."


Thats my pop quiz for the month.