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Anyone playing World of Warcraft?


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I'm letting my WoW account run out for now (no more time or desire to play it, or any other MMORPG for that matter). I had some fun playing on various servers, but particularly enjoyed playing a human paladin (Dervisch) with my friends from Starsider SWG on the WoW Eredar server, and playing a dwarf priest (Vamanadev) on Blackhand with some UO friends.

Has anyone else played WoW?


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I haven't played WoW but I have enjoyed GuildWars quite a bit. The best part is there are no monthly fees once you buy the game.


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I play on both Shadowsong and Elune. Areeka has always been my main char and has always been a Ranger, Hunter type. WoW finally made that a good class to be.

I am in the process of moving now though, so I am not on as much as I was.


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I played on Hellscream, have a 42 Warlock named Kyndyll (kinda burned out after she got her mount and I tried to map the world), and a 17 hunter named Listle (some names stick with ya forever, eh?)... haven't played in over a month though, got caught up in master level fever over on DAoC... <grin>


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EDIT Deadz is still going in many games with the vast amount in WoW as we speak.

We have 3 different servers with alliance on 2 and horde on 1.

The most players are on Whisperwind and Anjol nerub {alliance} and we have our horde chars to play on Silvermoon.

hmmm....must not have been logged on,,,doh!

the preceeding {guest} post was from me.

Deadz for life!


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I farted around with WoW a bit this week. It really did'nt light a fire for me.

I've taken to returning to SWG for the time being, the game has improved a lot with the overhaul of the combat system. Plus, I must make sure the rebels never control more then Dantooine on our server. They got upitty and took naboo recently.



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I'm playing on Azjol Nerub after transferring from Whispwind... Horde side, of course. I changed my name from Bourne to Orcin with the move (due to all those *#&$&$ Bourne movies).


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SnowWolfe and I play on the roleplay servers in WoW. I have about 6 alliance characters all ranging 35 to 60, and about four Horde characters, all about level 35.

I haven't played in a bit. Server names Feathermoon for Horde, Argent Dawn for alliance. Guild name "Bastion of Sanity"



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The Mercs on Laughing Skull

The Mercs played on Laughing Skull - horde. A few still do. Balor is currently playing DAOC on the new server with some Mercs. Lammorak, I believe its called - hibernia. I'm playing EQ2 on Antonia Bayle as Sylara.


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I'm playing a Horde character and an Alliance character on the Scarlet Crusade server... I'm into this game right now... only been there a few weeks.


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On the alliance side as Iduna. Lady China, didn't you play Darksun Online too? Your name seems so familiar.


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I have a level 44 Warrior or Draenor -- been playing for several months now and I still get some enjoyment out of it. The warrior is all I've *really* played.... I have a low-level Rogue I break out when I'm in the mood for something new, but I keep myself entertained, generally. :)



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played wow, barely play wow now.

but uh.... on Icecrown it would be Sombra, Synnah, Dakota, Trouble, Perfect, and like 4 other chars :p

Playing "Synnah" on thunderhorn most these days (which is just a little on the weekends) horde character (tauren druid) on Uther


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We just received an influx of Icecrown people with yet another merge on Azjol Nerub... I ended up there after transferring from Whisperwind. Seems the Alliance versus Horde ratio is even further apart now.

Ah well.... more gnomes to slay. Not so bad....


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Been playing WoW since late beta. Icecrown server, Alliance. Guild is Keepers of the Vault. 60 Hunter - Kestrel; 56 Rogue - Falcon; 23 Pally - Earendil; younger Priest, Warrior, Druid --all Night Elf except the Pally.


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WoW players, give a shout when they allow server transfers from and to any server you name. I might hop in for expansion, but I really don't like the 2 servers I picked.


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I'm playing WoW and having lots of fun on the Alliance side. MRA has chapters on Horde and Alliance sides on Dalanar server (I know it begins with a D...LOL)...I play Leahmra and Rogrishmra on Alliance and am LeahTreslok on Horde. I play often <s>, but usually morning-afternoons!

Look for me there!

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