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Q: First of all, I need to defeat Astelligius. How do I get through to him?
A: Take the teleport to Astelligius from the Pandemonium. Once you are in the southern section of the Celestial Boundary, make your way through the astral material (which indeed looks like a giant pit) to the east section. Located at the east is a battle. Fight the battle to get the Eye of Circinus. This magical object will act as a compass to show you the way through the gates here. Once you have the Eye, notice four teleports to your southwest. Take the southeastern teleporter to access a maze of doors that cannot be mapped. On each of these doors is one of the four cardinal directions; west, east, north, and south. Take the first letters of these and spell out SEEN (south, east, east, north). Notice that in other words, it is what the wraith told you, "see in the past", or the past tense of "see". Once you have completed the cycle, you will step into a fountain and get poisoned. Cure and head back to the teleports at the south. Take the same teleport again, and this time use the first letters of the directions to spell out WENS (west, east, north, south). Notice that IF you played the Shadow of Yserbius and remember the Wind Knights' quest, this is the opposite of the direction you defeat the Winds, SNEW, or as the wraith said, "The Wind Knights have no direction in this domain. The four Winds are reversed!". After you complete this step, you will run into a battle. Defeat the Erebi and turn to face the stained glass window. You will receive the Nimbus of the Fates. Keep it, as you will need it to defeat Astelligius. Don't throw away your old helmet if it is not as good however, as the Nimbus will disappear once you are through with it. Once you have the Nimbus, walk out of the square you are in and back to the teleports. Use the first letters to spell out SEEN again, and take the teleport to Astelligius. Find your way through this astral material to the center of Spheres Asunder, where he is laired. He will see your Nimbus and beckon you forward. Come to him, and you will fight him. If and after you win, be sure to keep his ring. Important note: don't use the Pickpocket skill when fighting him or you won't get the ring. Once you have the ring, turn to face the stained-glass window behind you to receive 1 million experience points. After that, turn around and walk through the teleport to the Queen. She will take the ring and reward you with another 1 million experience points, which will aid you in reaching the next level.