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Audio Nostalgia


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Recalling that the games used Miles Audio stuff, I was able to pull some sounds and music from TSOY and FOT. Mind you, this won't sound like it did when we were playing waaay back in the day, mainly because sound cards these days have insane midi voices. :)


If you can recall what some of the sound effects are associated with, I'd appreciate knowing. :) sfx1 and sfx2 have about 4-7 sound effects throughout, so listen patiently. :)

Unfortunately, my Apple ][+ is having issues now for the last 5 months after working properly for 35 years.

If I can get it working again, I'll look for my source files for TSN. Many apartment changes in those 35 years so no promises! -)

Here is an idea: Al Lowe is selling a lot of his inventory from the Sierra Online days...maybe hit him up? -)