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Can't register :(


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Hello, I'm completely new, and even though I've finally found an ex-INN community and I am so thrilled I can't believe it....

I can't register to actually play Yserbius (on the main page). The problem I run into is the Security Code. There are no numbers; the field simply says "security code". So I try to view the properties of the image to see if there are any numbers there, with success. I enter those numbers but the next page says they are incorrect. I tried registering using a different browser, to no avail. Help!!!!


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Registration between here, and the current YS.org are seperate... And I think Ys.org's registration is turned off. Right now we're in the process of converting to a new frontend, with all new features and such. So, your login for the Forums, will work on the new site when it's done.

So stay tuned!

What I wana know is why "Site Admin" is under your name... Hmmm.... Slo?


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He was not calling you a Sloth, he was talking to me about an error on the new forums which i just repaired.

As for your forum post. I will add your username and create you a specific password this evening for the Demo of Yserbius. not alot of people dropping in the tavern right now and I am not sure if you are aware of it. but the dungeon portion of the demo is not playable yet. We have stop developement in that area right now for various reasons the most of which are because we are upgrading the website. we will be returning our attention projects like this once we are settled into a new website. thanks and I will be sending log in information soon.. Slohand