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Change over

The day I have been dreading is fast approaching. Vbulletin 4 is not going to be compatible with PHP much longer. So rather than run this server on a older version, which limited what other things I can do. I will upgrading yserbius,org to vbulletin 5 , I have 2 licenses that I am not using so it will not be a big deal to upgrade. Just means I have to port all this and then customize the template to resemble something similar this.

‘’Will keep everyone informed on when and if service is interrupted.

ROFL, So hopefully I am going to be able to create the site in a different directory and then import our threads into it and making all the edits before making the change over. Tossing around some new ideas so there may be a few other changes.
What are your thoughts about XenForo? Same guys who wrote vbulletin, seems more user friendly, more affordable than a vb5 license. I like that you can add on, with vb5 they have pretty much made addons obsolete.