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Q: How do I find and defeat Corpeus?
A: From the Pandemonium, take the teleporter to Corpeus. You will be at the northern section of the Celestial Boundary. From here is the path to the Dralk Corpeus. Along the pathway, a wizard will encounter you several times to tell you about your path here and give you clues as how to get to Corpeus himself. You will need first the Reality's Rampart, which is the best shield in the game. However, even though any guild can use it, it's wise to forget about equpping it until you have defeated all five Dralkarians. Then, you can go back and get it again. From the beginning of the level, head south along the path. When you reach the fork to the west, take it. There is also a stat- boosting fountain here which you should visit as it will increase your Agility. You will also encounter a wizard along the way who will tell you that he was once an agent of Corpeus but turned against him and is now helping adventurers to find him and defeat him once and for all. From the west-south fork, walk west until you reach a north-south fork. Go south here and you will find that the pathway bends at the end. Walk to the end of the hallway, bust a U-turn and face west. Walk through the teleport here. After doing so, you will be teleported to the northern section. Follow this path up to the pool of water. Walk to the center door, the one labeled "torch room". Here, you will need to set certain switches to progress further. It doesn't matter which ORDER you set the words in, as long as you set them right. The first thing you must do is set the switches to "Time Follows Death From Life". After doing so, walk through the teleport (note that one of the switches was unused; leave it in the "off" position). You will be teleported to the beginning of the level again. Follow the same path you did last time, except this time - when you turn the corner, _don't_ take the first teleporter on the wall. Instead, from the square in which the teleporter is, go 1 step north and face east. A new portal should appear here. Go through it and follow the given path around to L,16. From the lava, there will be an east-west fork. Take the eastern path and follow it to P,13. Face south and walk through the door. Fight the battle there, face west and walk through the door. You will fight a battle. Defeat all the enemies and you will receive the Reality's Rampart. Be sure to keep it as you will need it to fight Corpeus. From there, walk 1 step north, 1 step west, 1 step south, and another step west into the Torch Room. As the wizard tells you, you will need to set the switches again, except this time, set them to "Water Leads to Magic Sands". (Notice one switch won't be used, so set it into the "off" position). Walk through the teleport and follow the path again, except this time, don't take the 2nd teleporter around the bend. Walk 1 step north of the square with the teleporter and face west. Go through the portal that appears and you will be teleported to a long, twisting hallway that you cannot map. Here are the directions. Be _VERY_ sure to follow them precisely, no matter what happens! Be sure that the NumLock is off, and using your numeric keypad, "type":


After doing this, go 1 step west and 2 steps south to get your next instructions. After doing that, go 1 step north and 1 step east. Go through the teleport to your north to the Torch Room. Set the switches to "Magic Lava Leads to Death" (Once again, a switch won't be used; leave it in the "off" position). Go through the teleport once again, and follow the path, but instead of taking the third teleporter around the turn, go 1 step north of the square with the 3rd teleporter and face east. Go through this new portal to be teleported to the last hallway to Corpeus. Defeat all the monsters and enter the portal at the end to get to the Dralkarian Corpeus. Repeat the movement as you did for the other dralks and you will get another Dralkarian Ring and 1 million experience points. Return the ring to the Queen to get another million.