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Note : Before you start Dissemination and after you defeat the Dralks, it is very highly suggested that you back up your AUTOMAPS.DAT and MYCHARS.DAT files as in this stage, the game may begin to get weird. Walls may dissapear and there may be trash on the screen, unfortunately. This bug will not cause you any real trouble, but if it totally messes up, it's good to have a backup copy of the character data files. This bug seems to vanish after you defeat Aeowyn and do Finals.. however, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Q: How do I get into Dissemination?
A: The portal to this stage is in the Dungeon Entrance. Simply go to the northeastern corner of the DE and face north; a portal will open, allowing you to access Dissemination and later, The Gateway.

Q: What is the goal here?
A: This stage's purpose, mainly, is to provide adventurers with a portal to The Gateway. Many walls and statues here shimmer and shake, even though they appear solid. You'll have to dispel them with the Rod of Dissemination to proceed. To get the Rod of Dissemination, you must fight the Dissimenator, which you will get to later.

Q: Once I'm at the start of Dissemination, what do I do?
A: You must repeatedly visit the two Kaalroth brothers, Aoei and Ieoa. First, go to Aoei, who is located at F,15. Then go to C,4, face north and go through the door, then face west and go through the other door. Make your way to E,2, face north, and go through the door to Ieoa. He will teach you a part of a spell; now, go back to Aoei and he will teach you the rest of it. Now, go to F,13 and face south. Walk through the new door here, and from that point go 1 step south and 1 step west to fight the Dissimenator. You will receive the Rod of Dissemination. Use it to dispel all the "shimmerring" walls and statues and blast your way to L,4, where a wizard stands. Talk to him, then face north and teleport. Go 2 steps north, 1 step east, face south and dispel the wall. Then go through the dispelled wall, and then the teleport. Go 1 step south, 1 step west, and 1 step north, then go through the teleporter. In the next area, face east and dispel the wall, go through, face north and dispel the wall, go through, and take the teleport beyond to the ultimate challenge, The Gateway!