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Dragon's Flame and Hocus Pocus


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Q: That wasn't so hard. What's next?
A: Next is the Dragon's Flame quest. This quest is not very simple, but it is still not as hard as some of the ones you still have to face. Still, it forms a formidable challenge. From the Dragon's Ire, you must defeat at least one of the Chess Masters to gain access to the Dragon's Flame. If you defeat both, you will have a choice of which Dragon (Osterog or Gambril) to help. Sadly, you can only do one of the Dragons' quests, but however they will give you the exact same treasure and rewards, so even if it was able to help both of them, it would earn you nothing more than a double load of treasure. With that out of the way - here is the description: the Dragon's Flame is mostly a roughly circular layout on the outside walls, where you have to go around and find 4 different wizards. As either Dragon tells you, your success may depend on greater magic than you know, or in other words, you will need to visit the wizard for additional magic protection. Both of the Dragons would tell you that they are fighting with their rival dragon (Osterog and Gambril are rivals, as you may remember) and will reward anyone greatly if they bring them proof of the kill. Now, on to another explanation: the wizards can cast spells that you are not aware of and will never get: the Chariasmic Aura, Invisibility, Vapor Cloud, and Chameleon Shroud. The easiest way to describe the steps needed to complete this quest are the following: You must visit all 4 wizards, no matter if they give you protection against the dragons or not, you must take all 4 teleports at least once each, and you must visit all 4 "companions" in the center of the stage. The best way to do it is the following: Go to any of the wizards, and then take a teleport. Continue this, visiting different wizards until you've gone to all four, and match each one up with a teleport. The teleports will take you to the south, west, east, and north parts of the center, but not respectively. the order changes with race and guild. However, the first thing you need to figure out is which teleport takes you to the southern part of the center. Follow north and around the bend there; you will see a small alcove with a lava pit 1 step south of it. Go into the alcove and you will find a Troll Knight. Visiting him is the easiest way to figure if your magic protects you well enough; if he says that you appear to be well protected, you have the right wizard, but if he tells you otherwise, try another wizard. Regardless of what he says, go to all four wizards, even if you find the right one before you go to all four. Once you've visited the four, go back to the one that protected you (remember, you must visit the wounded troll knight to find out) and take any of the teleports. Now, walk around and you will find the four companions at I,6, I,9, O,8, and K,9. Repeat the procedure until you have found and talked to all four companions; once you have done so, go back and see the wizard that protected you. Take the teleport to the troll knight. He will say you are well protected, assuming you were at the right wizard, and send you off with thanks for healing his wounds. Once you've completed this task, go back to the outside "walkway" around the center area and visit "your" wizard. Now your task is to find the dragon you are seeking. It is relatively easy; if you visited Gambril and are seeking Osterog, go to the teleport of the four that gets you to the Troll Knight, and one step west of the troll knight will be another alcove. Enter this one and face west; the door to Osterog should appear. BE SURE that you have the right magic, but if you are not sure then visit the Troll Knight first. If you do not have the right magic, the Dragon will sight and kill you before you get to him, therefore - you will have to start over again. If you are helping Osterog and seeking Gambril, take the teleport to the north section of the center (you SHOULD know which one it is) and from there go to L,6, and face west. The same rule about magic goes for Gambril. The door will appear. If it doesn't, be sure that you did not leave the map in any way while doing this quest; otherwise, you'll have to try it again. Good luck ;)

Q: Should I go to Hocus Pocus?
A: Yes. The passageway to Hocus Pocus can be found in the southeastern section of Dragon's Flame, or you can get there from the Hopeless Hallways later if you wish. For now, take the teleport from the Dragon's Flame. Important note : when you get to Hocus Pocus it is important that you DO NOT leave the map or teleport after you start your quest, as all the items will "reset" and you will need to start over.

Q: Once I get to Hocus Pocus, what should I do?
A: Hocus Pocus is a village of wizards. This quest is easier than the Dragon's Flame quest, but not quite as rewarding. The goal here is to show that you are worthy of using magics to weaken and destroy evil spawn. Your first move is to go to the four "shops" at C,9, C,11, E,9, and E,11. At each of the shops you will purchase some items (NO, you don't get a choice of which items you want to buy), but they are not very expensive and at least most of them are useful. Once you've done that, you will need to visit Faerlun the Magician. He dwells at A,15. You'll need to detect a secret door in the east wall at A,13. Faerlun tells you that he seeks two items to complete his tests and experiments for new spells; you must bring him the ingredients, which are the bat wings and the eye of newt. After speaking to Faerlun, walk back to B,12, face north, and walk through the illusionary wall and follow to the north, where the door should be open. The mayor will say that word has been sent to the Training Area guard, where you will be allowed access. Walk to F,11, face west, and go through the illusionary wall. Follow along the path, NOT taking the door in the west, until you reach a teleport. Go through it and you will be teleported to A,1. Face north and go 4 steps forward, walking through the illusionary wall. Then, go 1 step east, 2 steps north, 1 step east, and then walk north trough the door, not taking any turns to the left or right until you reach a second door. The guard will nod and let you pass through. Now, go to K,6. fight the battle and face east. Walk through the wall and head north until you run up against a wall. From that point, walk to the east. Do *not* take the teleporter. Instead, follow the passageway to the point where there are two doors to the north and to your south. Take both of them and your abilities will increase due to the two magicians who live there. Once you've done that, walk back to K,6. Face east and take 1 step, then go 1 step north, and 1 step east through the wall. Follow the path east to L,11, where a wizard will give you the Eye of Newt. From there, go to K,4. Face west and go through the wall. Then, follow along the passageway to the teleporter. Walk through the teleport. From where you arrive, face north and detect. Walk through the secret door and face east. Walk through the wall and follow along the path to P,11, where you will get the Bat Wings. Once you have then, walk along the paths way back to A,15 and talk to Faerlun. He will thank you for the ingredients and reveal a door to the east. Walk through the door to A,16 and a teleport. Walk through the teleport and you will be at P,16. From there, walk 3 steps south, 3 steps west, 3 steps south, and 3 steps west. From there, take the door to the west and follow along the path to receive a reward of EGB.