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Dragon's Ire and the Chessboard quest


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Q: How do I get started in here?
A: The Dragon's Ire is proof to the civil war between the Praxis and Erebus fiends that dominate the domain. The crumbling walls and crushed floors here act as the testimony. The wars here have carved out long series of pits and tunnels, rivers of lava and ancient teleports. First off, you will need to complete the Chessboard quest. For this, you will first need the Lava Glove. This fulfills the words of the carving in Gauntlet Droit, which states that you will come back here much later, when you are stronger and more experienced. For now, just go and get the Lava Glove from Gauntlet Droit. You should have no trouble with it at all.

Q: What do I do once I have the Lava Glove?
A: Then, you must reach the Chessboard. Doing this requires a series of steps on fake pits, so watch your way and make your way to the pit at O,5. Step forth and into it, as it is illusionary. From there, make your way to the door to the east. From here, you will need the Lava Glove. Face each one of the lava spots until your lava glove starts "glowing with white-hot intensity, pulling you in this direction". This signifies that the lava square in front of you is illusionary. Step through the lava river in this manner until you reach the double doors at K,13, and L,13.

Q: I'm in the Chessboard. What do I do?
A: Here's how it works ; this chessboard is a more interesting version of the one that Arnakkian built so many moons ago. Each time you step on a square, you will fight a monster. It will be either a knight, rook, or bishop. Knights, as in chess, go 2 steps forward and 1 to the side. Rooks and bishops however, respectively move 1 step either up and down and side to side, or diagonally. Every time you defeat one of these monsters, you will gain its powers. Simply, what this means that if you defeat a rook, you will be able to move up/down/sideways, and if you defeat a bishop you will be able to move 1 step diagonally. I haven't found the pattern to how you can judge whether you move clockwise or counterclockwise, but the answer to the riddle is below. You MUST follow these instructions VERY carefully. One wrong step and you could be dead. From the entrance, go to the first square (past the entrance water) and fight the Bishop there. Now, go 1 step east into the water, and walk 1 step forward again. You will fight a Dark Knight. Defeat him and walk 1 step east again. Walk back into the square and you will fight a Lava Rook. Defeat him and face north. Take 1 step forward, and you will fight a Bishop. Defeat him and face south. Take 1 step and you will fight a Dark Knight. Fight him and face south. Take 1 step and the Chessmaster will turn you away, claiming you are not powerful enough. Walk back to the entrance of the chessboard and repeat the procedure. This time, when you get to the chessmaster, he will get angry and fight you. Defeat him, then walk 1 step south. Don't go in the teleport yet, however - you have yet another master to defeat. From that spot, teleport out. Go into the Guild hall to gain any levels you might have gotten and use the TOP DE to get back to the very first level, the Dungeon Entrance. From there, walk to Dragon's Ire and go back to the Chessboard. Before this step, you may have noticed that the chessboard is perfectly symmetrical - except for the battles. This solves your next step. Simply put, you will have to walk to the west side of the Chessboard, in the small square of water that is "looking out" of the west side to the actual Chessboard. Once you are there, follow these steps : from the water on the west, go 1 step east and fight whatever enemy is there. Repeat until you defeat the rook. After defeating him, go face north, walk 1 step forward, and fight the bishop. After defeating the bishop, face east and go 1 step forward. Fight the knight there and defeat him. From there, face south, and take 1 step. The Master Praxis will turn you away at first, but bug him a second time and he will rise to your challenge. Defeat him, then go 1 step south to your reward. It is wise to defeat both masters for the experience; however it is not required.