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Mystic here looking for all old Defenders of the Faith members. I dont know if any of ya'll are still around but I would love to hear from you!


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I was a member of DTF in Sword of Chaos (if not with this name, perhaps with "Tolwyn"). I hope Wolf, Sir Pain, Winter, and the others show up. :)


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Hey there... I was one of the charter members of DTF. Queen of the guild for a short stint even.. back when Eclovallis was King. I'm pretty sure Eclovallis started the guild.

I remember Winter, Sir Pain, Bink, Shiloh (passed on a few years ago IRL and dearly missed)

Anyone remember Bink? I haven't seen him in years.. I have a hug waiting for his shy self. *laughs fnar*


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I was DTF for a while thanks to our dear Sunny here. I remember Eclo and SP, I remember Winter's name but have nothing with it.


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That is too funny! The memories come rushing back. Yeah it would be great to see Winter, Sir Pain and Bink again. My stint with DTF was for my entire tenure with TSN/INN and loved our dear little guild. Was always happy as the loyal Royal Court Thief :D

Though back when I was around Winter was the Queen and I believe Sir Pain was the King though my recollection is kind of fuzzy...


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Now I remember your name... I was also Mog in Swords of Chaos with DTF. I found them to be my second home from MRA after the fall of Imagination Network.

I remember it well, it was so much fun! Equal to that of the adventures in Yserbius. I remember however, none of us could get past level 7! haha, we were such newbies it seemed.

I remember this one mage guy came a long (unguilded) and was mean to us. I can't remember his name...

Anyways, Sir Pain is like a father to me, even though I havn't spoken to him in months, they are still alive and well!

You can find them at http://www.defendingthefaith.net/

They play EQ and WoW now (I play WoW now but run my own guild). Sir Pain and Unicorn are still there I believe.

Hope this helps!


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Hey, I remember you too, Mog :)

Thanks for the DTF link, and it's great to see them around. I'd have liked to have played WoW with them, but I'm pretty tired of that game ...


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Wow, DTF lives on. For the short time I played EQ it would have been nice to have seen them. Unfortunately, I am waiting until the Middle Earth MMO comes out. Hopefully some DTFers will follow there as well


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Mystic.. hmm, I think I remember you. I think we hung out together when I was in KAAOS, after my DTF days though.. you, me, Dreambabe, and Attitude?

I dunno.. too many sleep deprived nights playing for 20 hours straight.. mix that with ten years gone by.. and you get my lack of memory ;p


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I certainly do remember you and you're right you were with KAAOS at that time. If you might recall I was an insatiable flirt, though I guess that comes with the territory...


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Ol' guildies.....

Heyas all....

How great it is to see all of you still around! I never in my wildest dreams imagined this guild would last well over a decade! If memory serves me, which it well may not, it has been close to 14 years since
DTF was formed! Oh, and to set the record straight....... This guild was originally conceived by the one, the only.... yes, you guessed it....

"Sir Pain"

>clap< >loud applause< >unrelentless cheering and mussing about<

It was his vision and his dedication that brought us all together! I can only be proud to say that I was there as "one" of the first founding members and helped to write our first ever "charter." Since that time, I have seen many, many, many people come and go... from the very first at INN to the present and latest faction at Wow....even trompin thru the MUD.... up to our hips at times ;).... and rather than list every single person that I ever knew .... (you got a better memory than me SunShadow >poke<) which I could never do anyways, I will say to all who ever knew ME >grin<.... WELCOME BACK! To those that I loved.... I miss you... to those that loved me... well.... I hope you missed me...
>evil grin< and to those I have yet to meet....I hope you join us....

Oh, and before I forget, I know someone earlier posted the www.defendingthefaith.net website. That is the website for the WoW faction of DTF.... if you would like to visit the new website for the EverQuest faction.... (not that we are not all one and the same) please visit www.invincibleheroes.com/dtf ............................

Again, it is great to see and hear from you all again and we will see you soon, either here or there :)



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Eclo *hugs* nice to see you out and about ;p

ooooh, kewl.. thanks for setting the record straight about who started the guild! My memory does suck badly.

I'm glad to see that DTF does indeed still live. Congrats to you all! :)


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Hmmm... been a while since anyone posted here..... hope it wasn't 'cuz I am bac
:)..... ah well.... Hope all had happy holidays.... um... or whatever you choose to call em!.... night and hope to hear more post's :)