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dungeon maps


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Does anyone still have Shadows of Yserbius Map images? i have been pouring through my old PC looking for my set, used to have them for all three games and am at a loss for where they are. if anyone has maps from all three games i would be grateful if you could share them with me. thanks



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Good morning Slo! Happy holidays to you.

Yes, I was able to extract both the map data and the corresponding events.

The maps and event scripts are in this folder of the YserbiusData repo:

For each map, there are three files: a map layout file with enter-event indexes, a map layout file with facing-event indexes, and a map script in C#.

For example, for the dungeon entrance:

The map script has been transpiled from x86 asm; it's not pretty, but it will work when included in a remake of the original Yserbius engine.


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did not happen to see these laying in the files? what you have is amazing. it will help me create some similiar events,.



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Sweet, That's all the images from SOY and FOT. will keep working on ROC. Flipping through them came up with several great ideas for content in YS2 thanks guys for all this.