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Boy, oh boy, oh boy! I tried to log in today and ran into winsock errors. From previous messages I assume that the server is down and I'll try again later.


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Same here. Of course, I only emailed yesterday. What's a bit more of a wait when I've been waiting so long already. :D Though I do have my account information--looking to get the new client and address though.


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For anyone else interested ...here is the link info..for software.. the world address is aux.irealms.com

Use this link to download the game client


Also download the latest exe from here and replace the exe.


Some things are not working and will crash the server. Also some issues with stomping grounds and pandemonium. Pandemonium will crash the game on entry to a battle. Should be fixed soon if not already. List of issues follows

Not functional (and will likely drop server if attempted):
-Create new character
-Delete character
-Send group coop email
-Send individual coop email
-Delete coop email
-Create or reply to message post
-get map (mobile client only)
-save map (mobile client only)

Thanks and have fun


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Much thanks to SirDie for the insightful message! Once updating to the new client and changing the world address, I wasn't able to play Empiriana from my Win10 machine. I even fiddled a bit with compatibility settings but continued to get a Direct Draw message from the client. I ensured I was using the latest drivers from NVIDIA; but, that didn't help either. I powered up VirtualBox with a clean Windows XP image. I shared a drive that had the Emp files and after messing with settings for a while, was able to successfully play Emp in full-screen within VirtualBox. I even ran into SirDie briefly while on!

Again, I'm quite happy to see Emp back online again and offer my assistance and financial support to anything that may be needed.


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just got an email from beamer, says hes out of town and will look into things on sunday, and will figure out what else needs testing etc in this beta phase


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So if it will be running on a Linux server will there be a Linux client too? I ask because I run Linux 99% of the time and I'm sure the windows client software would run fine in WINE, but if there was a Linux client I wouldn't complain (^_-).

My old account info is lost to me many moons ago though, I'd have to make a new account which looks like that part of the website isn't functioning at the moment.
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Hello all,

I post today with great great sadness, to let you all know that Beamer passed away last Wednesday.

He was an awesome friend who went through tons and tons of effort and ordeals with me to create of Empiriana. He had a great passion for Empiriana, the chance to build a game the way he would like it to be, to craft a story to share with others, to create challenges and adventures for others to enjoy. Be it music, stories or puzzles in the dungeon, he put his very best into each piece of Empiriana that he worked on, he never gave up and was always up for more. The amount of time and effort he invested into Empiriana is just something that can never be adequately described. Empiriana would never have existed without him.

He will be greatly missed but we will ensure that his legacy lives on in Empiriana. I raise a glass to you my friend, you will never be forgotten.