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It's a good sign that there is enough interest in a Yserbius reunion and recreation that people are willing to contribute financially. In a time when technology allows us to do so much with game content, graphics, sound, etc, it's fun to see so many people hyped about a game that was released 13 years ago.

This proves a point I made to someone recently that when you really think about it, it's more about the people you interact with than the environment in which they interact.

I can't wait to see how this project develops. :)

As an aside, I can't help but notice the goal for August was raised from $75 to $125 recently. I don't know if that's a good sign that so many people are interested and using the site, or a bad sign that the site admins might be incurring some costs they hadn't expected.


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Additional cost

Perhaps the main reason The amount was raised was to get rid of the crummy negative numbers. and the Correct amount was not set into place to begin with. Otherwise rest assured the funds raised here is dedicated to this site and this project only. The Only recent addition to our cost was upgrading our Bandwidth package to 10 gigs of Bandwidth a month and 1000 MB of space.

Side note. We priced a 80 gig Server with 1000 gigs of BW that will be dedicated for us only. the cost when we get to that point will be $199.00 a month. We will be using it is a Test Server once we get the client Server Code ready to run. Any surplus of funds recongnized now will of course be used to suplement the cost of the new server. if anyone would like a link to where we are planning on hosting the Yserbius Beta let me know.

No misunderstanding we are not ready to enter into beta by any means we are just doing our planning in advance.

Members of the Developement Team are pretty much spending their own money for items needed and for that I am much appreciative.

Note this Test Server will be just that. Should we get to an initial release point with the intended Game engine we are going to use. We will need to have a Server with a T1 dedicated so at that point we will migrate to a better server. also with a T1 and the Engine we use depending on the polygon count we will be able to run 25 to 50 players per server Thus we will be implementing Zones or Host, or Servers or Shards much like elsewhere they will of course be fittingly named aftter our old Taverns.

so i hope this answered the question about the mysterious moving amount. Slo


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Funds Question

I wasn't even remotely questioning why or how the funds are used, but it's nice to see you took the time to post about them. :)


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you nailed it

It is the community that keeps them in. Eye candy is great fun, but has no staying power. I'm out here cruising the board instead of playing WoW because quite frankly, the community is horrible. It's every flaming message board being broadcast over general chat on a constant basis. Friendships are fleeting and transitory because groups are "quick fixes". Roleplay? I tried one of the roleplay servers, it didn't seem any different to me than any other WoW server.
True RP'ers will always seek out an environment that allows them the freedom to truly RP with people of a like mind. The graphics are secondary.